Yealink  Phone Training

You can start learning how to use your new Yealink phones immediately by watching the short training videos below.   

We also offer a daily Yealink Training Webinar (30 min)  @ 10 AM MDT.  The content covered is the same as the training videos but a Weave Training Specialist is on hand to any questions you may have.

Online Yealink Phone Training (9 min)

The following short training videos goes through the basics of the Yealink phones including placing and answering a call, holding, transferring, intercoming, and setting up voicemail.


Yealink Cordless Handsets (7 min)

The videos below goes through the basic functions of the two Yealink cordless handsets, including holding, transferring, and retrieving voicemail.

Yealink W60 (6 min)


Yealink W52P