Why Text to Pay?

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Weave Customers Love Text to Pay . . . Here's the proof:
  • “We collected over $1,000 from our Accounts Receivable with Text to Pay in just about 24 hours... big thumbs up!” - Hanish Patel, Eye Associates of New York

  • "[Text to Pay] saves us a lot of time - printing, writing on envelopes, and all of that usually takes me a couple of days." - Emily Lott, Children’s Clear Vision

  • "It is easy and convenient on both parties - for us and for the patients... It gives the patient another, easier way to pay their bills. It is, also, a different form of payment from most other practices.” -Dennis Bryant, Optique

  • "Once they know we have [Text to Pay], they say, 'oh, just send me that text thing…. we were excited so we didn't have to call everybody'" - Anonymous

  • "I really like how I can send their statement along with the text, so they can open that and see and I feel that also legitimizes that for people, they're like, 'oh, this is the statement I would have gotten in the mail.'" - Anonymous

Why You'll Love Text to Pay
  • Simple to set up. Easy for you and your patients to use.

  • Reduce time and costs spent on collecting payments.

  • A new and convenient payment option to offer your patients.

  • Use to replace or supplement the payment processing methods you have in place.

  • Safe and secure - HIPAA compliant, PCI compliant, and TLS webpage encryption.

How Text to Pay Beats Traditional Invoicing
  • Collect same-day payments vs. 25-30 days for traditional invoicing time

  • Faster collection means more cash flow and sustained business growth.

  • Traditional invoicing requires printing, envelopes, stamps, and employee time, which costs about $12-$30 per invoice. Text to Pay only requires employee time… and much less of it.

  • Patients pay when and where they want through a PCI-compliant digital payment form (no more checks or credit card numbers floating around your office or in the mail).

8 Ways to "Up Your Collections Game" With Text to Pay

Use Text to Pay for those times when your patients...

  • Have an outstanding balance.

  • Aren’t responding to your mailed invoices or billing phone calls.

  • Need to pay you more because insurance coverage has been adjusted or declined.

  • Forget their wallet, credit card, checks, or HSA/FSA card at home.

  • Are nearing the time for you to send them to collections.

  • Cancel an appointment too late or are a no-show.

  • Want to buy a product and pay for it before picking up.

  • Have a card on file for a recurring payment that is declined, expired, or lost.

How Text to Pay Sets You Apart From Other Offices

Differentiate your office from others with Text to Pay. Text to Pay lets your patients that your office is:

  • Modern and high-tech - Text to Pay is a digital and modern way for your patients to pay their bill.

  • Considerate of their time - Patients pay when they want, where they want.

  • Looking for ways to simplify their life - Let’s face it, the more complicated life gets, the less anyone wants to have to think about paying a bill. Paying by credit card online is very fast and convenient.

  • Serious about their security - Text to Pay is HIPAA-compliant, PCI-compliant, and is served on pages secured by TLS certifications (higher security than SSL certification).