Why Text to Pay?

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Why Weave Cusomers Love Text to Pay

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Very secure (HIPAA, PCI, and TSL encryption).

  1. Cut payment timeline between services completed and payment collected to one day.

  2. Reduce costs related to billing: employee time, printing, envelopes and postage.

  3. Offer a reinvented and convenient payment option to patients.

  4. Dramatically lowers your PCI liability; no more patient credit card numbers floating around on scratch paper, sticky notes or in patient ledgers.

Top 4 Reasons Customers Should Use Text to Pay

Collect from more patients, faster!

  1. 1 day vs. 30 - 35 days to AR (accounts receivable)

  2. Faster collection = more cash flow, sustained growth

  1. Reduce costs, resources and time spent on billing.

    1. Traditional invoice = printing, envelopes, stamps, and time (avg. $12 - $30/invoice*)

    2. Text to Pay = none of the above-listed items required, significantly less time

  2. Offer patients convenience and options.

    1. Patients pay when and where they want

    2. Innovative technology, easy and secure

  3. Enjoy comparable Card Not Present (when the customer is not in your office) processing rates.

    1. Text to Pay = 2.9% and $.30 per transaction

*Sterling Commerce,https://due.com/blog/the-true-cost-of-an-invoice-to-small-business-owners/

Top 8 Uses for Weave Text to Pay

Use Text to Pay for those times when your patients...

  1. Have an outstanding balance.

  2. Aren’t responding to your mailed invoices or phone calls.

  3. Are nearing the deadline before you send them to collections.

  4. Need to pay you more because the insurance company adjusted or declined coverage.

  5. Forget their credit card, checks, and HSA/FSA card at home.

  6. Cancel an appointment too late or are a no-show (if applicable).

  7. Want to buy a product and pay for it before picking up.

  8. Have a card on file for a recurring payment that is declined, expired, or lost.

Text to Pay Testimonials

What Text to Pay users have said:

  • “By the way, we collected over $1000 from our Accounts Receivable with txt2pay in just about 24 hours... big thumbs up!” - Hanish, NY

  • "[Text to Pay] saves us a lot of time - printing, writing on envelopes, and all of that usually takes me a couple of days." - Emily, ID

  • "Once they know we have [Text to Pay], they say, 'oh, just send me that text thing.'" - Lu, TX

  • "It is easy and convenient on both parties - for us and for the patients... It gives the patients another, easier way to pay their bills. It is, also, a different form of payment from most other practices." - Dennis, TN

4 Things Text to Pay Shows Your Patients About Your Office
  1. You are high-tech and always innovating for the betterment of your customers. Text to Pay is a modern and sleek way for your patients to pay their bill.

  2. You are considerate of their time. Patients pay when they want, where they want. No more trying to find the magic moment during the day when you’re available to take their payment over the phone.

  3. You are investing in easier ways for them to pay their bill. It’s a convenient payment option for your patients who don’t want to use checks or pay by phone.

  4. You are serious about their security - Text to Pay is HIPAA-compliant, PCI-compliant, and served on pages secured by TSL certifications (higher security than SSL certification).

Whats New in Text to Pay for Existing Beta Users

Updated the code-base of Text to Pay to allow us to move quicker with updates and to better fit into the entire Weave app.

  • HIPAA updates to Text to Pay:

    • Added a HIPAA authentication step for patients to complete if they receive a payment request with a statement or invoice attachment. If no attachment is added, the patient will not be required to authenticate in order to pay.

    • Removed first and last name from the default Text to Pay text message so it is HIPAA compliant (not sending name + practice name in the same message). We did keep your office's name so that your patients know the payment request is coming from you.

  • Improved the flow of Text to Pay - you get straight into choosing the patient you want to create a request for from the home screen Text to Pay icon.

  • Added more Q&A entries to our Text to Pay FAQ repository so you are empowered to troubleshoot and find answers without having to reach out to our support team. Don't worry, support is still available to you if needed.

  • Added a way for you to modify the credit card payment form. This is the form your patient sees when they click on the link from your payment request text message and where they enter their credit card information for payment. This form can be updated after you set up your Text to Pay account in your Weave Admin Portal (available via the Weave App > Settings > User Management or via this URL).