Weave Partner Process Overview

Step 1: You Introduce Weave

It’s as simple as asking if they’ve ever heard of Weave, give a 5-second explanation and see if they want to have a demo to learn more.

Step 2: Weave Gives a Demo

If a practice is interested, give their contact info to Weave and we’ll contact them, demo the product and close the sale.

Step 3: Welcome & Software Installation

Weave gives the practice a Welcome Call, an overview of the onboarding process, helps them install the software and verifies network compatibility. Software and phones can be installed all at once or software can be installed first and phones later after they arrive. Learn more about software installation here

Step 4: Phones Shipped

Weave ships the phones to you or directly to the practice, whichever you prefer.  Shipping time for the phones is 4-5 business days after we activate an order, but that can be expedited if necessary.

Step 5:  Software and Phone Training

The practice watches the pre-recorded software and phone training videos as instructed in the Welcome Call.  The practice may re-watch these videos as needed.

Step 6: Port Order

Weave schedules the transfer of the practice’s phone number to Weave’s phone system. Weave will need the office’s most recent phone bill and a signed letter of agency, and will then request a targeted porting date (typically about 3 weeks out). The LSP (losing service provider) will then assign the porting date.  Minimum processing time between submitting our request and receiving an assigned porting date is usually 7-10 days.  During that time, Weave will help to ensure all systems are installed for the customer, everything has been tested, and customer training has taken place. Porting is a legal process. We do not have control of the numbers until the LSP releases them to us.

Step 7: Phone Install

You install the phones.

Step 8: Phone Number is Ported

Old phones are no longer ringing and Weave phones are live.  The customer will not experience any down time during this transition. Learn more here.

Step 9: Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team makes sure everything is in place and working smoothly to provide the best experience possible. Learn more here.

Step 10: You Get Paid

Weave pays you commission, you have a nice night out on the town.