To record a new voicemail greeting follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Dial 9000 from your Weave handset

STEP 2: Select Option #5 for ‘Advanced Options

STEP 3: Select Option #1 to ‘Record a New Greeting’

STEP 4: Select the greeting you want to record:

#1 to record an ‘Open for Business’ Greeting (sorry we missed your call . . )

#2 to record an ‘Out to Lunch’ Greeting

#3 to record a ‘Break’ Greeting’ (use this for staff meetings, etc.)

#4 to record your main ‘After Hours’ Greeting

STEP 5: To listen to your recordings to see how they sound, dial 9000, select, Option 5, then press 2 and then the greeting # you wanting to listen to.


STEP 1: Dial 9001

STEP 2: Select Option 5 (Advanced Options)

STEP 3: Select Option 1 to record a new greeting

STEP 4: Select Greeting 1 and record your personal extension voicemail greeting.

Voicemail Override


The Voicemail Override Feature will allow you to override your normal office hours and voicemail greetings with an temporary voicemail message.  This is a convenient way to manage unexpected closures or holidays.

Holiday Office Hours


When a holiday is around the corner, go to your Weave "Office Hours" settings and set your office to closed for your normal "Closed for Business" message to be played. Office hours can also be changed through your Weave Mobile App.

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How can I listen to my voicemails If I am out of the office?

Weave can send you a notification to your cell phone letting you know when your office has been left a new voicemail message. If you would like to receive an email and/or text letting you know that a new voicemail has been left contact our Support team by clicking on the blue chat bubble below or your emailing your Weave Onboarding Representative to add this feature. Once you have signed up for Voicemail Notifications you will be sent a notification that a new message has been left. Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to a HIPAA secure link where you will log in to your Admin Portal with your Weave user name and password. From here you can listen to your voicemail messages.


Click on the Hyperlink in your email/text notification to log into your Admin Portal.

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Click 'Play’ icon to listen to the voicemail recording.

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