Text to Pay 


Q. What Is Text to Pay?

A. Text to Pay is a secure and quick way for offices to collect payments from their patients or customers with a simple text message. Pretty descriptive feature name, right?

Q. How much does Text to Pay cost?

A. As a Weave feature, Text to Pay is free. It is offered as part of the base Weave feature offering and is NOT a premium feature.

Q. What does it cost to process with Stripe?

A. There are no monthly fees or costs. Just the Stripe credit card (CC) transaction cost, which is 2.9% for processing + 30 cents per transaction. This CC processing cost is on par with industry ‘card not present’ transactions (when your office keys in a CC number).

Q. How do I get Text to Pay?

A. You can setup your Text to Pay account on your own. Simply click the Text to Pay icon in your Weave app and follow the prompts. For step by step instructions see the Text to Pay Set Up directions. If you do not see the Text to Pay icon in your app please contact Weave Customer Support by using the chat bubble in the lower left hand corner of your screen and they can modify your settings.

Q. Can we use another processor or merchant service other than Stripe for Text to Pay?

A. The processor that Text to Pay utilizes is Stripe. Text to Pay does not allow for other processors. With Stripe, you have no processing volume minimums or requirements, which means that Stripe can be used for Text to Pay in conjunction with other merchant services you may already have.

Q. When are payments deposited?

A. Stripe handles the backend of credit card processing for Text to Pay and will deposit your payments into the bank account you designated on the setup page. After signing up for a Stripe account, deposits will be held for 7 days as your account is verified. After your account is verified, you can choose to have deposits daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Q. How do we handle refunds?

A. Any disputes or refunds are handled directly by the dental office. You can issue refunds through the Stripe dashboard. 

Q. How can I view a list of the payment requests created by my office?

A. You can view the payments requested through your Text to Pay app in your Admin Portal or from the Weave Desktop app:

  1. Weave Admin Portal > Payments > Invoice History (invoices = payment requests). View invoices created, dates they were created, to whom they were sent, the phone number it was sent to, whether or not the invoice included an attachment, the amount requested, the amount paid, the date it was paid, status of the payment link, and a hyperlink to the payment page for that request. Note: This report shows created payment requests. It currently does not reflect whether the request was actually sent to a patient or customer.

  2. Weave Desktop App > Text to Pay > Click on upper right corner click icon to see Invoice Report > Click Created toggle to see list of requests created, Click Paid to see list of requests paid, and Click Unpaid to see list of unpaid requests.

Q. How do I know when we get a payment or how does my office get notified of payments?

A. You can see a history of successful payments in four ways:

1. Weave Admin Portal - View a report of invoices created and paid amounts within the Weave Admin Portal.

  • Login to the Weave Admin Portal.

  • Click Payments.

  • Click Invoice History.

2. Weave Desktop Application - View a report of invoices created, paid, and unpaid within the Weave Desktop App.

  • Click the Text to Pay icon on the home screen.

  • Click the upper right corner icon to get into Text to Pay reporting.

  • Toggle to view created, paid, and unpaid requests. You can also change the date range by using the calendar icon in the upper right corner.

3. Stripe Dashboard - Log into the Stripe Dashboard > Click Payments. This will show a history of all successful and declined transactions. If it was a successful payment, it will also show the status of the funds.

4. Email Notification (set up in your Stripe Dashboard) - Update your notification settings in Stripe to receive an email for each successful payment. To do this, login to your Stripe Dashboard > Click on the circle avatar in the upper right corner > Click Profile > Under Notifications, choose the notification types for which you want to receive emails.

Q. How do we attach billing statements/invoices or explanation of benefits?

A. You can attach a PDF document within the Text to Pay feature when you are creating a request for payment.

Q. Is Text to Pay secure?

A. Yes! All credit card processing is done through Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. This includes security protocols such as HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections and data encryption on disk with AES-256.

Q. Do my patients get a receipt after making a payment?

A. Yes. Just make sure these emails are turned on. Within the Stripe dashboard, click on "Business Settings" on the lower left sidebar. Then click on "Customer emails" and you can enable Customer emails for successful payments and for refunds. 

Q. We are a medical office and need to be able to accept HSA/FSA cards. What do we need to do?

A. You should already be able to do this if you designated yourself as a medical office in your Stripe application. If you are unable to accept these cards, you will need to email Stripe support (support@stripe.com) or login to your Stripe Account and chat with Stripe support. They will need to check your Merchant Category Code (MCC) to ensure it is correct and that it allows you to accept HSA/FSA cards.