Headset Installation

Watch this video for step by step instructions on setting up your Plantronics Headset.

Headset Installation

Step 1

Plug in the base. Place Headset in base and charge for a minimum of 20 minutes.  When your headset is fully charged there will be a solid green light on the right side of the base.

Step 2

 After charging, you will take your hook-switch cable and connect the larger end to the back of the base on the right side. The smaller end will go in the back of the phone. You will see a picture of a headset on the back of your phone (2nd to the left), that’s where you’ll plug in the clear piece. The 5 prong will go in the lower right side.

Step 3

Once the hook-switch cable is connected you will have to call Weave customer support at 888-579-5668 to sync your headset with your phone.

Step 4

Once your phone reboots you will be able to use your headset.   Press the Headset key (below the Navigation Key) to use your headset.