Weave Process Overview


Partners will find that many of their practices have heard of Weave yet lack a full understanding of all that Weave has to offer.  Partners are encouraged to simply introduce the product and arrange for a demo with a Weave Account Executive (AE).  Weave recognizes the importance of clients, whether they are maintained under a managed services agreement, a break/fix relationship or simply a professional relationship in a related field.  A professional recommendation coming from a trusted IT professional or business associate increases the likelihood of adopting Weave.

If a Partner has a practice that would like to have a demo, the Partner will fill out a lead form on their own dedicated landing page or they will contact their assigned AE to let them know they would like to have a demo for an office.  There is no minimum required number of attendees for the demo; however, it is strongly recommended that a doctor and/or office manager be present.  As often as possible, it is ideal for the Partner to attend the demo as well.  Weave facilitates demos through the join.me screen-sharing application. Demos typically take between 20-30 minutes.


Once a practice signs up with Weave, Weave will call the office to walk them through the onboarding process and help them install the software.

Weave is currently compatible with the majority of software platforms in the dental and optometry industries. Because integrations are regularly being added, Partners can email nancy@getweave.com to get a full list of current compatible practice management systems.

Weave will ship the phones to the office or the Partner directly (if preferred).  


Partners encourage all members of the practice who will be using Weave to watch the pre-recorded software and phone training videos. This will allow them to become familiar with Weave prior to porting the phone numbers.  These videos may be re-watched as needed and are a key predictor in the success of an office with Weave.


Porting is the process of moving existing phone numbers with the current phone service provider to Weave. Weave schedules the transfer of the practice’s phone number to Weave’s phone system.  The IT Partner installs the phones, the phone number is ported, the old phones are no longer ringing and Weave phones are live.  The customer will not experience any down time during this transition.


Our Customer Success Team makes sure everything is in place and working smoothly to ensure the best experience possible.