I would recommend your company

Our company has been using your company for about 1 year now.  I am very please with the service that we have had with your company.  If I have an issue with something a tech will get back to us within 24 hours if it is an emergency and they have to be paged my phone call was returned within 5 min. I would recommend your company to other dentists offices in fact I have recommended your company to other offices. I really like when you give a suggestion and things that will help improve your system that someone looks into those suggestions. Weave is continually looking at ways to improve the system and I really appreciate that. Look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Leslie Swenor - Petoskey, MI

Weave has been a great asset to our office

Weave has been a great asset to our office and the way we communicate with our patients. It's incredible the amount people who will quickly respond to a text but don't like to call us! The Weave support team has also been fantastic and very helpful. Any time that I have had a problem or question I can send an email and receive a phone call back in no time. Our office just did an update to the system yesterday which went very smoothly until my own computer at work started having issues, I simply emailed Heather (my go to person) and she called, remoted in, and fixed the issue within minutes. I can't imagine not having Weave in our office, as I said before its a huge asset and has become a necessity. Thanks to the Weave team and keep up the good work!

Robin Norton - St. Joseph, MO

Weave has integrated perfectly

We have been using Weave since September and love it!  We have had a few minor issues but they were resolved quickly and efficiently by customer support.  With the Weave system we are now able to text our patients which has been a great asset to our practice.  Our patients love to get their birthday texts on their special day.  It is also amazing that with each call we can see if a balance is due, if the caller is past due for a recall appointment, or if any other family member is due for an appointment.  Weave has integrated perfectly with our Eaglesoft  software which is an added bonus.  We would highly recommend Weave.

Julia Munoz - Livonia, MI

I appreciate the quick reply

Tony, I want to thank you for your attention to our phone issue the other day.  I appreciate the quick reply to my technical support request, as well as the personal attention you gave.  Even though our issue was related to our modem, you were still concerned and willing to fix our problem.  If I have any future concerns, I will look forward to working with you and your team.

Stephanie - South Bend, IN

It has been very beneficial

As Office Manager, I would highly recommend Weave to any office.  We have been using Weave for about 6 months.  It has been very beneficial to recognize who is calling and if a balance is due or if an appointment needs to be made for anyone in the family.  I love that it pulls all this information for us without having to click into so many screens.  Our patients love the option of receiving a text confirmation as well for future appointments.  The software was very easy to integrate with our program and Weave basically did all the work with the help of our IT person. Weave is constantly doing updates and they really listen to feedback from customers.  The customer service department is top notch.  Very friendly, quick, and knowledgeable and always answer all my questions. I just can't say enough about what a valuable tool Weave has become in helping our practice and giving our patients the personalized attention they deserve.  Thank you Weave!

L. Bednarek - Fond du Lac, WI

I am very happy and love using Weave

I am very happy and love using Weave in our office.  Its nice to recognize who is calling before I pick up the phone and have all their and family information right in front of me which makes it nice for me and most importantly the patient. It has helped our office with recall and collecting past balances.   Weaves service/support is great to work with.  They are always available to help us when its needed.  There are so many great things about Weave and it just keeps getting better!  We Love it!

Terry Ferrell - Lehi, UT

I would highly recommend Weave

As Office Manager, I would highly recommend Weave to any office.  I have been using the Weave system for almost 2 years; it has been a very beneficial tool for giving our patients the personalized attention they deserve.  Before even picking up the telephone I recognize who is calling and can anticipate the patient's and their family's needs.  The patient immediately feels that they are valuable and that I recognize them personally.  The system reminds me of upcoming appointments, balances and much more.  In addition to our dental software being linked to the telephone with valuable patient information, the actual telephone system is state of the art….  I just can't say enough about what a valuable tool Weave has become in helping our practice, giving our patients the ultimate in personalized patient care.  Thank you Weave! 

T. Cox - Melbourne, Florida

And it is only getting better

Weave phone system works. And it is only getting better. They are doing massive server upgrades to battle any outages. It is very internet dependent so if your internet sucks, then so does your service. Any recent outage was do to system upgrades. I have it in 13 offices and they are all very happy so far. Weave will keep butts in chairs if used correctly. The negative post I see are knee jerk reactions to newly implemented offices. Has there been an outage? yes, Is it something that will only get better with time? absolutely.

Beau Odom - Little Rock, Arkansas