Porting typically happens between 9am and 12pm MST. Once the number is in our system, the Weave phones will begin ringing and accepting incoming calls. We recommend keeping the old phones plugged in for 24-48 hours after port to ensure that the porting process is finalized. If the old phones continue ringing after 24-48 hours, please verify the number the patient is dialing. If the patient is dialing a number that was ported, please notify your Onboarding Rep immediately and they will assist you to confirm that the port is finalized and all calls are routed to the Weave phones. If the patient is dialing a number that was not ported, but should have been, please notify your Onboarding Rep immediately and they will assist you in the porting process for that number. Weave is not responsible for the client's account with the LSP. Once porting is finalized, it is the customer's responsibility to call their LSP and cancel numbers they do not want to be billed for, or consider bundling remaining expenses. Please advise the customer that Weave will not be responsible for charges from the LSP. Billing begins at the agreed upon time on the quote provided by the Account Executive.