Register For a Webinar

Live webinars are offered on a regular basis covering both the software functionality and phone use. Interactive chat allows you to ask all your questions to a Weave Training Specialist. 

*Please note a webinar is a group event and there may be other offices registered for the same session. We will be starting the webinar promptly at the scheduled time. 

You will receive an email confirmation with the instructions on how to log into the webinar.  If you cannot find your email confirmation go to and select the Phone or Software Session.

 Please make sure you are logged into the webinar a few minutes early so that you do not miss out on any important information.


Webinar Schedule  


             10 am - Yealink Phones -30min                                                    11 am - Polycom Phones or Software -30min                             12 pm - Polycom Phones or Software -30min                               1 pm -  BOTH Phone AND Software  -60min                                

Friday (MDT)

                     9 am - Polycom or Software -30min                                          10 am - Polycom or Software - 30min                                           11 am - BOTH Phone AND Software - 60min