Invoice History

  • Select the dropdown arrow next to Payments 

  • Click on Invoice History

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  • You can search for an invoice through the person search bar (search by person or person Id), filter by invoice created date, or filter by current invoice status.

  • You can also export your invoice data into a CSV file, by clicking on Export. The Export feature will utilize the filters you have applied at the time of export.

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  • Click on a row of an invoice to expand it. Depending on the status of the invoice, you may see: the credit cardholder's name, the last four digits of the card that was charged and the charge confirmation code.

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  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner to Send a Receipt or View Receipt

  • After you or a coworker have manually posted a payment to your customer’s account or ledger in your Practice Management Software, you can note this by clicking Mark as Recorded.

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  • You can also easily mark the payment as recorded, by clicking the “” icon in the Recorded column on the row of a paid invoice.

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  • If an invoice is paid using a different payment method than Weave or an invoice is no longer needed, you can click Cancel Invoice to cancel the invoice.

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  • Select the dropdown arrow next to Payments 

  • Click on Settings

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  • Under Merchant Account, you will be able to see the status of your merchant account, represented by an Active (green dot) or Inactive (red dot) status next to ‘Payments’ and ‘Payouts’. An Active Payments status allows you to process credit cards payments. An Active Payouts status allows any funds you capture to be transferred to your bank account. If either status is Inactive or red, please contact Stripe support at

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  • Under Public Business Information, you can view and edit your Business Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Business Logo. This is the information your clients will see on the payment form, receipts, etc. throughout their payment experience.

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