This guide details the necessary changes for Ubiquity EdgeMax routers and firewalls

Weave phones work with Ubiquity EdgeMax routers when configured correctly. You can configure the EdgeMax by following the steps below. 

Checking for a public IP address on the WAN Interface (image below)

Login to the EdgeMax web interface

1. On the top menu bar, click the "Dashboard" button

2. Ensure that whichever port has been configured as the Internet/WAN port is configured with a public IP address. (see image). If the IP address begins in "192.168.X.X" "10.X.X.X" or "172.16.X.X-172.31.X.X" then the router is not receiving a public IP address and you should contact your ISP to put your modem in bridge, DMZ, or PPOE mode.

  • We do not recommend using any Dual Wan/load balancing features unless you can configure the router to always send weave traffic out a single wan interface.

Disable SIP ALG functions (images below)

The SIP ALG function will interfere with the VoIP SIP signaling that is necessary for the phone service. To disable it we will need to make a configuration change and then reboot the firewall/router.

1. Log into the web interface on the EdgeMax device and click on the button labeled "CLI" in the upper right corner of the screen. 

2. Once you've clicked the CLI button, a command line interface box will pop out. Log into that box with your router/firewall credentials. 

3. After logging in, enter 'configuration' mode. Type the command "Configure" and hit enter

4. Once in configuration mode, enter the following command, "set system conntrack modules sip disable" and hit enter. 

5. Once the changes have  been made, type "commit" then hit enter

6. After the changes have been commited, you need to save them to make them persistent. type "save" and hit enter. 

7. Since you already have the CLI open, type "Reboot" and hit enter, type "y" to confirm. Other wise reboot the router via the Web gui. 

Verify SIP ALG has been disabled.

1. Log into the web interface of the router

2. In the top right corner, click on the "Config Tree" button

3. On the left side of the web UI the config tree will open, navigate to the following area.




  • Make sure there is a - (minus) symbol next to the 'sip' entry.