Managing Multiple Calls

When you are on a current call and another call comes in, your have the option to Answer the incoming call.  If an incoming call does not get answered after 4-5 rings the caller will be sent to your "Open For Business" voicemail message recorded on mailbox #1.


Answering Multiple Calls

1. While you are on a call and another call comes in that you need to answer, press Answer (your original call goes to a ‘Local’ hold) 

2. You are now on the new call 

3. Ask them to hold, then press Park (this call will go to a ‘Universal’ hold)

4. To pick up your original call, press the flashing green light

local hold

Universal Hold 


When you place a call on a Universal hold, that means anyone in the office can pick them up off of their hold slot. 


When you place a call on a local hold, that means they are only held on that specific extension. You are the only one who can pick that call back up.