Managing Multiple Calls

When you are on a current call and another call comes in, your have the option to Answer, Reject, or Ignore the incoming call.   If an incoming call does not get answered after 4-5 rings the caller will be sent to your "Open For Business" voicemail message recorded on mailbox #1.



Answering Multiple Calls

1. If you are on an active call when another call comes in, verbally ask your current caller to hold and then press the soft key labeled Answer. This will place your original caller on your Personal/Local Hold on your extension.

2. You are now on the new call.

3. Ask second caller to hold, then press the soft key labeled Park . This will move the call to one of your Universal/Park Holds labeled Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3.

4. To pick up your original call, press the flashing red light on your next to your personal extension.

universal / park Hold

personal / Local Hold


Calls placed on a personal/local hold can only be resumed from that handset. They cannot be picked up from any other phone.


When you place a call on a Park/Universal hold, the call is held on one of your universal/park holding positions labeled Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3 and can be resumed from any handset.