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New Notifications | Scheduling Features | Mobile Features | Custom Contacts | Picture Messages

What’s New in Weave?

Learn about the latest product updates, how to use them and see what features and enhancements are coming your way soon!


Weave Notifications 

The Weave notifications for incoming calls, incoming messages, team chats, faxes and followups are getting a new look. Notifications will now be sleeker and smaller and show up in the upper right corner of your screen.

Your Weave notifications will now be color-coded to help you better manage: blue for phone calls, green for incoming texts, pink for team chats, purple for any follow-ups, yellow for faxes.

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Lastly, we know notifications can be a lot during your day. Now you’ll be able to customize which notifications you and your team receive as well as set auto-dismiss timers for any notifications. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Weave Scheduling

Day of week customization - We’re excited to release an additional Customize your appointment reminders to only send on certain days of the week. This means you can now avoid sending appointment reminders on days your office is closed.

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15 minute early customization - If you want to tell your clients to come in 15 earlier than their scheduled appointment time, use the new ‘15 min’ variable available in your Appointment Reminder edit panel.

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Save the date Coming Soon! - No more appointment reminder cards! As soon as you schedule an appointment, you can automatically send a “save the date” reminder so a customer knows their appointment is scheduled.


Weave for Mobile

Restrict mobile access by user - Only want certain users to have access to Weave for mobile? Simply toggle mobile access on and off for individual users in the Admin Portal.

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Weave Mobile Fax

You can now fax directly from your Weave Android mobile app. (coming soon to iphone) Click HERE to learn more.

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Custom Contacts

Add custom contacts - Add custom contacts to your customer list. Whether you integrate Weave with your practice management system or upload a customer list to Weave, sometimes you want to add a one-off custom contact. Now you can! Maybe this is your IT person, or the sandwich spot down the street, or maybe this is a contact you haven’t yet added to your customer list. Now you can add them with fields like name, email, phone number, gender and birthdate. Learn More

Weave Messages

Picture messaging - Send more than words! Now you can send and receive pictures in your Weave messaging. Learn More

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