IVR or Interactive Voice Response

An IVR allows you to send your callers into a menu.  Their calls can be routed to internal extension # or to external 10 digit phone numbers.   This is commonly used for "After Hour" messages.  This allows you to prompt the patient to press a key to be forwarded to the On-Call doctor.    

An IVR can be also be programmed for "Open Hour" calls.  This allows you to route incoming calls to a call menu, prompting the patient to press a key to be routed to a specific department. This video explains how to record IVR greetings and the steps that need to be taken to set this up for your office.  

Please keep in mind that an IVR is a "feature request" that requires additional programing.  If you are needing this feature please allow 72 hours for the IVR to be completed.