Holiday Voicemail 


When a holiday is around the corner, simply go to your Weave "Office Hours" settings and set your office to closed for your normal "Closed for Business" message to be played. 

Office hours can be changed through your Weave Software or Weave Mobile App. 

Holiday Office Hours

If you want to change your "Closed for Business Greeting" refer to our Voicemail training video for additional instructions. 

  Or, check out our new VOICEMAIL OVERRIDE feature option available through your Weave Mobile App.   If you haven't downloaded the Weave Mobile App, simply go to your mobile app store and search for Weave Communications.  Your login credentials are the same as your desktop login.  

Voicemail Override


  1. Login to your Weave mobile app

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Phone

  4. Click on Voicemail Override

  5. Click the Microphone Icon to start recording, click it again to stop the recording

  6. Toggle the switch to green in the top right corner to turn on