Holding a Call

Your Polycom Phones have two ways to hold a call. This training video will explain the difference between a Park/Universal hold and a Personal/Local hold.

  • Park/Universal Hold - holds the call on all phones

    • To place an active call on Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3 press the Park soft key located at the bottom of your display screen.

    • The phone will place the call on the 1st available universal holding positions and announce the location.

    • Call can be retrieved on any phone by pressing the same Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3 key.

  • Personal Hold -holds the call on your phone only

    • While on an active call press the Personal Hold key located on the right side of phone.

    • Press the same Hold key to resume call before picking up the handset.

    • Call can also be resumed by using the soft key labeled Resume.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.36.27 PM.png