Plantronics Headsets

If wanting to use a headset with your Polycom phone, Weave encourages the Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset. You can purchase these wherever you would like. You will need to get both the headset and the hookswitch cable below. Click on both links and purchase away:

Amazon - Plantronics-CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset 

Yealink Wireless Headset Adapter (EHS36)

At this point you will own the headset. We can help you get it set up, but do not service if there is an issue. We encourage you to contact Plantronics with any questions or concerns..


Yealink Wall Mounts

Select the model of phone you need a wall mount for. Weave does not provide these accessories but you can purchase them by clicking on the links below will take you to the Amazon link for each product.

Yealink 42S Wall mount

The Yealink 42S has a black and white screen. The link below will take you to the wall mount needed for this model of phone.

Yealink 46S Wall mount

The Yealink 46S has a color display screen. Click on the link below to order the wall mount for this model.