Headset Installation for a Yealink Phone


CLICK HERE to order your Plantronics headset and Yealink adapter. The Plantronics headset will come with a power cord, the base, and the audio cord. You will need to order the Yealink adapter separately.

Step 2

Charge your headset. In order to do this, you’ll need to take your power cord and plug it into the back of your base on the far left side. Then plug the other end into an outlet close by. You’ll then want to let your base charge for a minimum of 20 minutes.When your headset is fully charged, you will see a solid green light on the front right hand side.


After your headset is fully charged, connect it to your phone using the Yealink adapter.   You’ll need to plug larger end into the back of your base. The smaller other end will go into the back of your Yealink phone.

step 4

Next, connect your Plantronics audio cord.

When you flip your phone over, you’ll see a photo with a picture of a headset. Plug the small end into the port and the other end will go into the headset base.

step 5

Once everything is connected, you can start using the headset by pressing the headset key.