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  • Steps to Take When Changing Your Practice Management System

    Make sure your office continues running smoothly with Weave by checking that no information is lost and everything is still running as expected when you change management systems.

    Setup Recall Reminders

    If you change practice management systems with Weave, you’ll need to re-set up your Recall Reminders.

        1. Click the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu in the upper right corner of the desktop app
        2. Select Settings.svg Settings
        3. Click Automated_Reminders.svg Auto Reminders
        4. Select Recall Reminders
        5. Click through each recall reminder that has a ! Warning icon next to the name. A pop-up on the Recall Types page will let you know which recall types are no longer valid

          Note: You may have recall types from your old practice management system with the same name as recall types in the new one. You will still need to set these Recall Reminders up again.

        6. Scroll below the pop-up and select the Recall Type(s) from your current integration(s) that you would like to include in this specific Recall Reminder
        7. Follow the steps to edit and save the reminder message
        8. Do this for each recall reminder you have set up with invalid recall types from the old management system

    You will not need to do this with any new recall reminders you set up as long as you continue with the current practice management system(s).

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  • Call quality is poor

    If your phones are ringing properly, but you are experiencing poor call quality during your calls, consider these tips to troubleshoot:

    • Have you gotten any new hardware in your office like a router, modem, or a firewall? Be sure to have your IT rep configure your device using our Network Specs page. Try rebooting your network if anything has changed with your system.
    • Check to make sure the internet cables are securely plugged into the wall and to the handset. 
    • Check to make sure your internet provider is not experiencing issues. You can use to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 
    • Check your internet speeds using Keep in mind our internet speed requirements.

    For more information about troubleshooting phone issues, click here

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  • Phones aren't ringing

    • Check if Voicemail Override is enabled: If Voicemail Override is enabled, you will have a red VMO flag at the top of your Weave Desktop App. To turn off Voicemail Override, click on the red flag and toggle off Voicemail Override. 
    • Check your Office Hours: Make sure your Office Hours in your Weave Software Settings are set to Open. If your hours are set to closed, calls are routed to your voicemail box.
    • Check if Call Forwarding is turned on: If Call Forwarding is enabled, you will have a blue FWD flag at the top of your Weave Desktop App. To turn off Call Forwarding, click on the blue flag and toggle off Call Forwarding. 
    • Check to see if your internet is down: Do you have an internet connection on your computer? If not, then your internet is likely down. You can use to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 

    For more information about troubleshooting phone issues, click here

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  • Payments link not working

    Are your customers having trouble processing their credit card payment when they click on the payment link in the Text to Pay request you sent them? Check the table below to see the meaning of the error and the corresponding solution to resolve that error.

    For more information about troubleshooting Payments issues, click here

    Error Name Error Message Meaning Solution

    Broken Payment Link

    Whoops! An error occurred. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, please request a new link. The link is incomplete or broken (missing part or all of the link’s dynamic invoice ID). This splitting can happen if the text message is over 160 characters and in various combinations of phone sender, carrier, and cellular device. You can access the full URL that you were sending by logging into your Weave portal > Payments > Invoice History > Links. You can also open the URL from the message history in the Weave app, open the link in a browser window, and copy and paste that in a separate text message.
    Inactive Stripe "Payments" Status Aw Shucks! Sorry for the inconvenience. We know you want to pay your bill but there was an error. Please contact the sender so they can resolve it. The Stripe account being used has an Inactive Payments status which means credit card transactions cannot be processed until the account’s Payment status is Active. Follow the instructions listed here to ensure your Stripe account is fully activated for processing.
    Successfully Paid Payment Link Hmmmm... A payment has already been made using this link. To make another payment, please request a new link. A payment has been made using the link. Payment links can only be used once and then they are deactivated. Because the link has been deactivated, you will need to create a new payment request for your customer and send the new link to them.
    Expired Payment Link Shoot! Shoot! This link has expired. To make a payment, please request a new link. Payment links are active for 30 days after creation. After 30 days links expire and are unable to be used. Because the link has expired, you will need to create a new payment request for your customer and send the new link to them.


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  • Fax not sending

    If a fax fails to deliver for any reason, you can see the reason why the fax didn't send:

    The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.
    1. From your Desktop App, click on the Blue_Fax.svg Fax icon
    2. Click Sent at the top
    3. Find the fax that you want to check the status
    4. If it says Failed in red, click on Failed to see the reason for the delivery failure
    5. To resend the fax, click on the Update.svg retry button

    Note: If you see the error message “receiver_communication_error, code 3301” and the fax won’t send, the receiving fax line is busy. You’ll have to try again later. For more information on troubleshooting fax issues, click here


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  • Auto reminders aren't going out

    Need to check the status of one or multiple automated message? Click here for instructions on using your Messages Queue to check the status of your messages.

    If your Auto Reminders are not sending out, consider these troubleshooting tips:

    • Was your server turned off? 
    • Was your server updated? 
    • Did you update your Practice Management Software? 

    If yes to any of the above, please contact our support team to let us know this information. For the quickest results, please be ready for us to do a remote session with you and have access to your server.

    For more information about troubleshooting Auto-Reminders issues, click here

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