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  • Weave Unify Features

    If you have signed up for Weave Unify, you will get additional functionality in your Weave phones and software to manage your business across multiple locations.

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Weave Unify overview video


    Weave Unify features

    • Software location switching in app - quickly switch between your locations to access location specific information
    • Chat with team members across all location with Team Chat
    • Recall reminders can be configured to send from a specific location or for a specific recall type.
    • Shared user accounts- use your same credentials to log in to different locations. You will need to be added as a user to different locations from an Account Admin. Click here to learn how to add new users.
    • Location based mobile access - allows you to call and text customers from multiple locations, check call logs, messages, and voicemails
    • Multi-location phone tree  ex. If you would like to speak with our Main St location press 1, our Broadway location press 2, etc.
    • Cross location call transfer and forwarding
    • Location based auto reminders - automated appointment, recall, and birthday greetings 

    The availability of auto reminders is dependent on your practice management software


    Quickly filter lists so you can easily and efficiently manage and assist your customers/patients

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  • Switch Office Locations in Weave

    With Weave Unify, you can easily switch the location you want to view by selecting the location icon in the upper bar across the top of your Weave software.

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Desktop App Mobile App Admin Portal
    1. Click on the location icon Location.svg at the top of your Weave screen

    2. Select the location you want to switch to


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  • Data Sharing

    With Weave Unify you are able to decide what information you want to share across your different locations. The data sharing can be customized per location, or you can choose to share information across all locations. You can share each location’s customers and/or the schedule with each other.

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Note: Only users set up with the role of Admin on the Parent location can set and manage these settings. See Add and Manage Users to learn more about user permissions.

    How to share data 

    1. Log into the Weave Admin Portal

    2. Make sure your location is set to your Parent Location. Your location will be in the upper left corner of your portal, select the drop down arrow to switch or change a location.

      Note: You must be set up as an Admin User on this location in order to manage these settings.

    3. Select Data Source from the menu on the left hand

    4. The selecting the Data Source Tab at the top of your screen allows you to see the data sources currently connected and synced to your account

    5. Optional: You can select to Add Data Source if you need to connect an additional account, If you want to connect another integrated practice management data source you will need to contact Weave support

    6. Optional: You can select the gear icon Settings.svg next to a data source to give it a name that is easy to recognize for your team.


    7. Select the Location Access tab to manage sharing across locations

    8. If you want to share all data across all locations click Enable All

      Note: This means you will be sharing all contact and schedule information across all locations.

    9. Select the dropdown arrow next to a location to customize the data sharing for that location - for example, if you want to share contacts across all locations but keep your schedules separate


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  • Using Location Filters

    With Weave Unify, you will be able to easily filter your lists by location, here's how. 

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    You can filter your lists by using the filter location icon Filter-Alt.svg throughout your Weave software. Filters can be found in the following apps in the Desktop software: 

    1. Patients App
    2. Lists App
    3. Schedule App



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  • Call from Another Location's Phone Number

    Weave Unify Offices can call back patients from another location’s phone number. If you are helping answer and manage calls for another office set up with your Weave Unify account you can easily switch to that location to place an outbound call from their phone number.

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    How to call from another location's phone number

    1. Click on the Location Pin Location.svg in the upper banner of your Weave desktop software.

    2. Select the location you want to place an outgoing call from


    3. Verify you are in the desired location

    4. Search for the person you want to call (you can search by first or last name)

    5. Click on the phone icon Phone_Invert.svg


    6. Click on the phone number you want to call

    7. Customer receives a call from that locations phone number

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