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  • Placing a Call Through Weave Apps

    Making an outbound call to a client is available no matter where you are. There are a few different ways to do it.

    Mobile App Desktop App
    1. Directly return any calls by selecting the number on the Recent Calls page.
    2. Select a profile from the Customers tab and tap on the Phone icon.


    3. Click on the Dial tab and enter the number you’d like to call.


    Tip: If you're having trouble playing a call, check your wifi connection or switch to data. Try reinstalling the mobile app to the newest version and check for updates on your device. If this does not work, contact support.

    To learn how to place a call on your Weave phone, refer to our Phone User Guides. 

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  • Data Owner Verification

    Steps to verify your data source to get your data syncing to Weave.

    Verify Your Data Source

    Once Weave connects with your Practice Management Software, you will need to verify your data source in order for the data to start syncing. This keeps your data safe and secure in the data syncing process.

    To verify your data source,

    1. Go to your Weave Admin Portal
    2. Select Data_Sync.svg Data Sources from the left side menu
    3. Click on the settings icon Settings__1_.svg next to the data source you wish to verify
    4. Select Verify from the dropdown menu
    5. Answer the verification question

      Note: You will need to reference your Practice Management Software and/or scheduling system to properly answer the question. 

    6. Select Verify Data

    If you answered the verification question correctly, the status will change to Verified and your data will be syncing with Weave.

    If you answered the verification question incorrectly, it will lock the data source. You will need to contact our Support team to have it unlocked before trying again.

    Verification Statuses

    • Not Verified:  This means that the data has not yet been verified by your office.
    • Locked: This means that the data verification failed. Contact our Support team to have it unlocked before trying again.
    • Verified: This means that you successfully verified the data source and your data is properly syncing with Weave.
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  • Download the Weave Desktop App

    The Weave Desktop App will need to be downloaded on each computer station that needs access to Weave. Follow these instructions to download the Weave desktop app.

    Note: If you have an old version of Weave that you need to delete before installing a newer version, see Deleting Weave Software for instructions on how to delete an existing file.

    Windows version Mac version Linux version

    Video Overview

    Windows Mac
    Installing Weave on a Windows Computer - Video Overview

    Installing the Desktop App

    1. Click on one of the buttons below to download the Client Installer

      Windows version Mac version Linux version
    2. Run the installer

      Note: The steps to find the installer will vary depending on the browser you're using

        • Go to your downloads folder and run the installer

        • Click install > next > finish

    3. Log in to the Weave Software

    Need to sync your software to your Weave phones? Click here for instructions.

    Manually Update Your Weave Desktop App

    If you're having trouble with the desktop app, you may need to check for software updates. 

    1. Open the desktop app and select the Menu in the top right corner. 

    2. Select Settings.


    3. Click Updates in the menu. 

    4. On the Updates page, select Check Now


    5. If a new update is available, a green button will appear in the top menu bar.

    6. Click the green button and then Restart to initiate the update. 


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  • Add and Manage Users

    All staff members in your office who will be using Weave must have their own login with their own user email and password. This is a HIPAA requirement for security purposes. This article explains how to add, edit, or delete a Weave user.

    Note: Weave representatives cannot add, delete, or change the role of any users. This function can only be done by a Weave Admin in your office. Contact your office administrator if you need a new user added.


    You can add and manage users in your Weave Admin Portal. Select the appropriate tab below for instructions to add, edit, or delete a user.

    Add a New User Edit a UserDelete a User

    Add a New User

    Note: With Weave Unify, you can manage users for all locations, including setting the location access and permissions for each location. You must be under the parent location to do this.

    1. Click the menu icon at the top right corner of your desktop app
    2. Select Admin Portal to open up the Admin Portal in your internet browser


    Note: For best results use Google Chrome. Windows Explorer is not supported by this application.

    3. From the menu on the left, select Account

    4. Select Users from the dropdown

    5. In the upper right corner, click the Add User button


    6. Add the Email of the new user

    7. Click Next 


    8. Fill out all of the fields for the new user


    Tip: Users can be assigned multiple roles. You can view the permissions for each role by clicking on the info icon Info.svg next to Roles and Permission. or by clicking here

    9. Click Submit and an invitation email will be sent to the user


    10. Instruct the team member to pull up the email from SendGrid to finish creating their account. Make sure they check their spam folder if they don't see the email. 

    Tip: If your team member is not receiving the message because the email entered is not correct, try deleting and creating a new user with the correct email.

    Once the team member finishes creating their account, they will be able to log into Weave.

    Tip: Users under the Team tab have finished creating their account and have access to Weave. Users under the Invitations tab still have not yet finished creating their account.

    User Roles

    Each user must be assigned at least one role. Multiple roles can be assigned to a user. View the chart below to see the permissions granted to each role:


    You can also view this chart from your user settings by clicking on the info icon Info.svg next to Roles and Permission.

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  • Download the Mobile App

    Take work on the go with Weave's Mobile App. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices.

    Note: You must be granted access to the Mobile App in order to log into the Mobile App. If you want to change the mobile access permission settings for a user, you will need to edit their user access settings.

    iOS Android

    Click here to download the iOS Mobile App or scan this code:


    Once you download the Mobile App, you can log into the Mobile App using the same email address and password that you use to log into the Desktop App. 

    Overview of the Mobile App

    Watch this short video to see an overview of what the Weave Mobile app can do! 

    iOS Android

    Now learn how to log in. 

    Note: If you're having problems with the mobile app crashing, try reinstalling the app and updating your device's software.

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  • Logging Into Weave

    Ready to get started? Let's get you logged into Weave. 

    Log into Weave

    Desktop App Admin PortalMobile App
    1. Launch the desktop app and select the Sign In button on the center of the screen
    2. A pop-up browser will open. Enter your credentials and click Sign In
    3. You’ll be redirected to the desktop app. You can close the browser window


    Check the Remember Me box to save your user name in the login system

    Tip: If you've forgotten or lost your password, follow the steps in Reset a Password.

    Every time you log in on a new device, you will receive an email to notify you. This helps you keep your account secure.


    Switching Locations

    Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    If you manage multiple locations, you can switch between them by following the instructions below:

    Desktop App Admin PortalMobile App
    1. Open the menu by selecting the three lines Hamburger_Menu__1_.svg in the top right corner
    2. Select Building.svg Change Location 
    3. Select the desired locationScreen_Shot_2021-08-13_at_5.14.59_PM.png




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