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  • Download the Weave Legacy Desktop App

    The Weave legacy desktop app needs to be downloaded on each computer station to access to Weave.

    If you would like to learn how to download the new Weave app, click here.

    Note: If you have an old version of Weave that you need to delete before installing a newer version, see Deleting Weave Software for instructions on how to delete an existing file.

    Windows version Mac version Linux version

    If you are downloading the Linux version, see more detailed instructions.  

    Video Overview

    Windows Mac
    Installing Weave on a Windows Computer - Video Overview

    Installing the Legacy Desktop App

    Follow these instructions for the Windows or Mac version of the legacy desktop app. See more detailed instructions for the Linux version download.

    1. On the Weave Portal home page, select the Download Weave App button in the top right corner
    2. Select Download Legacy App

      Note: You can also click on one of the buttons below to download the app installer

      Windows version Mac version Linux version
    3. Run the downloaded installer

      Note: The steps to find the installer will vary depending on the browser you're using

        • Go to your downloads folder and run the installer

        • Click install > next > finish

    4. Log in to the Weave Software

    Need to sync your software to your Weave phones? Click here for instructions.

    Manually Update Your Weave Legacy Desktop App

    If you're having trouble with the legacy desktop app, you may need to check for software updates. 

    1. Open the legacy desktop app and select the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu in the top right corner
    2. Select Settings.svg Settings
    3. Click Updates.svg Updates in the menu 
    4. On the Updates page, select Check Now 
    5. If a new update is available, a green button will appear in the top menu bar
    6. Click the green button and then Restart to initiate the update

    Common Errors

    When downloading the Weave legacy desktop app, your browser may give you an error or warning. Here is how to continue the download depending on the browser you are using:

    Windows Microsoft EdgeFirefox

    The error pop-up window will show:

    "Windows protected your PC: Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

    1. For this error, click More info directly below the message
    2. Select the Run anyway button in the bottom right corner
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  • Activate and View Your Weave Subscriptions in the Weave App (beta)

    See what Weave products you currently have access to and sign up for new ones. 

    Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

    You must have the user role of Super Admin to access this feature. See your role.

    1. Within the Weave app, click the Settings icon at the top right corner 
    2. Select Subscriptions in the left navigation menu 

    Here, you can take several actions:

    • Update your billing information 
    • Manage your subscription (and see your current bundle)
    • Click on any of the add-ons for more information and see if your location(s) is eligible for a free trial
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  • Getting Around the Weave App (beta)

    With the new Weave experience, you can communicate with customers, see call history, and more within a browser on your computer or a new desktop app.


    Download the Desktop App

    Click Download Weave App in the top right corner of the Weave Portal. Select Download Desktop App.

    Open the New Weave Experience

    Weave Portal Desktop App
    1. Open the Weave Portal
    2. Click Computer.svg Switch to App in the left navigation menu

    Use the left navigation menu to start communicating with your customers and using other Weave features.

    Change your location and see profile information by using the buttons at the top right of the page.

    Navigate the Weave app even faster with the Universal Search Bar at the top of the page. Search Messages, Contacts, Settings, and Features all at once, or click the Searching: dropdown to narrow your search to one of the categories.

    Manage Weave settings across all features using the Settings.svg Settings icon at the top right of the page.

    Looking for more? Learn the foundations of the new Weave app on Training Camp.

    Customize Your Weave App Theme

    Within the desktop version of the Weave app (beta), you can personalize your view to fit your needs or showcase your favorite colors. You must first download the app.

    1. Within the desktop Weave app, click your profile icon in the top right corner
    2. Select Personal Preferences
    3. Click Customize Your App
    4. Choose from the features themes, use the random generator, or use the eyedropper to select from a Palette or Custom picker where you can type a hex code

      Tip: Click Share Theme to copy the code for the theme you’ve chosen and send to your team members. They can paste the code using the Import Theme button and match your desktop app.

    5. Click Save

    Turn on Simple Mode

    Feeling overwhelmed by all the options the Weave app (beta) offers and prefer using a smaller window? Try out simple mode to tune in to the top priorities of your office. 

    On the home page of the desktop Weave app, click Simple View below your name

    This button only appears when the size of the app is at its smallest horizontally. To turn it off, click Use Advanced View in the same place. If you make the window bigger, the Simple View will also disappear.

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  • Getting to Know Weave

    Become familiar with Weave terminology used in help guides and training.

    Learn how the software will help your office in the Weave Level 1 Certification in Weave Training Camp.

    Ready to level up your office workflow? Access the New Weave Experience (beta).

    Weave Desktop Application (App)

    This is where you will use Weave in day-to-day interactions with customers. You can text, call, email, collect payments, and more within the desktop app. Learn how to download. 


    Find features and products within the buttons on the home page. 

    Search for anything in Weave - including products or customer profiles - and find quick links to popular features using the search bar on the home page. 

    Change your location, adjust settings, reach support, and navigate to the Weave Portal within the menu at the top right corner. 


    In the top bar, you can quickly:

    • Return to the home page 
    • Check chats within your team or Weave support
    • Change locations (for multi-office accounts)
    • See which location you are currently working in
    • Access Weave Quick Help

    Change the Weave Desktop Icon Colors

    Choose between Phone.svg filled (blue) and Outline_phone.svg outline (white) icons on your home page.

    1. Click the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu icon in the top right corner of the desktop app
    2. Select Settings.svg Settings
    3. Click Settings.svg General 
    4. In the Home Screen Appearance dropdown, choose between Filled Buttons and Outline Buttons

    The new setting will automatically save. 

    Weave Portal 

    Head to the portal in a web browser to see administrative tasks and settings. This is also known as the Admin Portal. Open the Weave Portal

    Here's what it looks like: 


    The navigation bar is the menu on the left side of the Weave Portal. There you will find sections where you can find the settings and features you would like to access.

    Any admin in your office can upgrade your Weave package with different product add-ons in the Subscription section in the navigation bar.

    Looking for information on the mobile app? Find that Getting to Know guide here.

    Other terminology

    More Menu: More.svg Sometimes in the desktop app, you'll see the More icon with three dots to signify there are more options available.

    Filter: Filter-Alt.svg In features and products such as reviews, payments, and schedule, you'll see three funneled lines to signify there are options to filter the results you see.

    Notifications: Pop-ups in the app for messages, reviews, and more

    Tabs: Different sections you can click at the top of a page, such as in Users in the Weave Portal.

    Mobile Application (App): You can download Weave on your mobile device to access messages, phone calls, emails, and more from anywhere. Learn how to download.

    Weave Phones: Any phone distributed by Weave

    Phone Tree: Prompt customers that call into your office to the correct extension through phone trees. You may have heard similar products called call trees, auto-attendant, or IVR (interactive voice response).

    Call Pop: A feature that allows you to see customer information as they call before you answer the phone

    Note: Anywhere you interact with the office hours, breaks, or other settings dealing with timing, they are always displayed as the time zone of your office.


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  • Download the Weave Mobile App

    Take work on the go with Weave's mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices.

    Note: You must be granted access to the mobile app to log into the mobile app.

    If you want to change the mobile access permission settings for a user, you will need to edit their user access settings.

    Weave Portal

    1. On the Weave Portal home page, select Download Weave App
    2. Use the iOS and Android tabs to select your device type 
    3. Scan the QR code on your device

    WeaveHelp QR code

    You can also download the mobile app by scanning these codes:

    iOS Android

    Click here to download the iOS mobile app or scan this code:


    Once you download the mobile app, you can log in using the same email address and password that you use to log into the Weave app. 

    Note: Mobile app features may differ in availability from the desktop app and Weave Portal. See the Getting to Know the Weave Mobile App article for more information.

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  • Getting to Know the Weave Mobile App

    The Weave mobile app puts the power of Weave into your iOS or Android phone or iPad. Watch this short video to see an overview of what the Weave mobile app can do! 

    Reach your customers on the go through calls, messages, your schedule, and more. Learn how to download

    Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 1.24.34 PM.png

    • Find features and products within the buttons on the home page.
    • Change your location by tapping the current location shown under your name.
    • See the number of follow ups, missed calls, voicemails, and more with the Actionable Dashboard below your name
    • Add Quick Actions by using the corresponding button below the Actionable Dashboard.
    • Adjust your office hours, notifications, patient settings, departments, auto text (automated messages), and review preferences by selecting Settings from the home page.
    • Quickly email the Weave Support team or leave feedback by tapping the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.
    • When you're all done, you can quickly log out in the bottom left corner.

    Here are some other things you can do in the mobile app: 

    Looking for information on the other Weave platforms? Find the Getting to Know Weave guide here.

    Note: If you're having problems with the mobile app crashing, try reinstalling the app and updating your device's software.

    If your sessions expires on the mobile app, you will still get phone call and message notifications.

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