Patients / Customers

Patient/Customer Profile Adding Contacts to Weave
  • Add & Manage Notes

    Notes is a great place to add a quick note about the patient/family. To access:

    1. Click into the Patients or Customers application in your Weave Desktop Software

    2. Select a profile you want to make a note on

    3. Select Notes

    4. Click on the plus button in the top right corner to add a new note. 


    These notes can be viewed by anyone in your office, and can always be edited or deleted.

    Tip: Use notes to capture general information that doesn't need to live in your practice management software to help your team provide better customer service. For example, you could make a note about a person's preferences for conversation, hobbies, or interests which can then enable you to provide a more personalized experience for them next time the come in! 

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  • Create Follow-Up Reminders

    You may have a desk full of sticky notes with reminders to call or follow up with a variety of people. With Weave’s Follow-Up feature you can get reminders to follow up with patients you need to call or text at a later date.

    Weave will notify you when the follow-up date and time arrives so that the reminder does not fall through the cracks.

    Tip: No matter who enters the followup, the notification will populate accross the entire organization so that even if one person is out, others in the office will be able to see it.

    To create a follow-up

    1. Select the Lists App

    2. Click on Follow-ups

    3. Select the blue + in the upper right corner

    4. Click Select Patient, and choose the desired patient

    5. Select Contact Method, and select the method you want to use

    6. Click Select Date and Time, and add the time and date you want the follow-up

    7. Enter message you want to send in text box

    8. Select Save to save your follow-up




    Follow-up notifications

    You can click to View the patient information or to take Action on the follow up

    Take action on your follow up with these options:

    • Snooze - temporarily dismiss the reminder
    • Edit - to make a change to your follow-up
    • Delete - if you no longer need to send the reminder
    • Click Send or Call to take action on your reminder


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  • Customer Profile

    The profile view in your Weave software provides a quick-view on key details about your customers, clients/pets, or patients.

    Tip: When synced with your Weave phone, you can easily pull up the customer profile on incoming calls. See our Call Pop article for more information.

    From the profile page, you have shortcuts and tools to:

    What is displayed in your software depends on your Practice Management Software. Your software may display:

    • Customers
    • Clients (and Pets)
    • Patients


    Select the appropriate tab below to learn more.

    Customers Clients/Pets Patients


    You can add your customers to Weave either through a CSV Upload or by creating Custom Contacts.

    Once your customers are added to Weave, you can view them in your Customers List.


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  • Add a Photo to Patient/Customer Profile

    When you add a photo using the Weave Mobile App the patient/customer photos will also be added to your desktop version of the Weave software.

    Follow these simple steps to start adding your patient/customer photos using your Weave Mobile App.

    Mobile Instructions

    1. Tap on Customers/Patients from the home screen
    2. Select the name of the patient you wish to upload a photo to
      Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.18.53 PM.png
    3. Click on the customer icon or photo
    4. Tap Take a Photo or Choose From Library
      Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.19.09 PM.png
    5. Add your photo and click Save

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