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  • Understand & Access Weave Insurance Verification

    Verifying eligibility for dental patient insurance is not only time consuming - it’s also often very frustrating!

    We’ve heard countless accounts of customers spending hours on the phone, per patient, just to verify eligibility. Weave’s Insurance Verification is meant to alleviate that pain for greater customer satisfaction, higher recommended treatment plan acceptance, and additional referrals.

    Weave’s insurance verification product is accessible in multiple areas of the desktop app, so you’ll have quick and easy access to its features. 

    We know that verifying eligibility is only half the battle. Our product also offers a first-of-its-kind eligibility report that allows for dynamic controls, filtering and even direct upload into your practice management system’s document center* so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate data, missing information, or frustrated patients needing care.

    While our product is ever-evolving, accepting more clearinghouses, and always being improved, there are simply some payers that haven’t adopted the technology to allow us to electronically verify patient eligibility. If you’d like to see a complete list of supported insurance payers with our product, click here. We anticipate being able to save you more time as we evolve the product, but for now, please consult the list of the supported payers should you have concerns about which payers will work with Weave. 

    This product is currently in beta. More information be available soon to sign up.

    Note: Note: You must be the admin/owner of your Weave account to sign up for this product, and you must be finished with your initial onboarding period.

    Learn how to verify insurance information

    See Writeback Log History

    See the changes that have been made to your practice management system by Weave Insurance Verification at any time. 

    1. Login to the Weave Portal
      Note: You can also begin by selecting View Writeback Log in the patient profile.
    2. Select Insurance from the left-side menu
    3. Click on the log you would like to see based on the date of the writeback

    The logs show what information was changed and who made the changes.

    You will be able to also see the previous data that were overwritten should you need to restore a previous state in your PMS.

    Eligibility Reports

    Weave Insurance Verification provides a full report when completed. See an example below. 

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  • Verify Dental Insurance Information

    Cut the complication and save time with Weave Insurance Verification. All the correct information appears quickly and efficiently within the desktop app, so you can spend more time taking care of patients for greater customer satisfaction, higher recommended treatment plan acceptance, and additional referrals.

    This product is currently in beta. More information be available soon to sign up.

    Note: Note: You must be the admin/owner of your Weave account to sign up for this product, and you must be finished with your initial onboarding period.

    Learn more about how insurance verification works:

    Access Weave Insurance Verification

    If you've successfully signed up for the Insurance Verification product, you'll be able to access the product in two locations with the desktop app

    Patients Schedule
    By viewing a patient's profile in Patients_Invert.svg Patients in the desktop app, you can begin on-the-spot verification by selecting the Verify button. You may also access Weave Insurance Verification by scrolling down to the Insurance section of the patient profile. You'll e able to enter the on-the-spot verification flow and view the patient's eligibility report from this view.

    Automatic Verification

    The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software. You must have WeavePlus. 

    Weave Insurance Verification will attempt to verify insurance automatically for every patient on the schedule approximately 24 hours before their scheduled appointment time. See how to optimize your practice management system to work best with Weave Insurance Verification.

    On-the-spot Verification

    Weave's on-the-spot verification is available to most offices whether they have a compatible management integration** or not. Here how to begin verifying insurance eligibility quickly:

    1. Open the Weave Desktop App
    2. Use the Search.svg Search Bar to find the patient whose insurance needs verification
    3. Click on the patient's profile
    4. Select Screen_Shot_2022-06-23_at_12.44.47_PM.png Verify
      Tip: You can also select Verify on the schedule page below the patient’s name.
    5. Fill out the insurance information including:
      • For those without a compatible management system integration:
        • Company/Payer Name
        • Member ID 
        • Patient First & Last Name
      •  For those with a compatible management system integration:
        • Search by the patient's employer or Group ID

          Note: When using the additional search bar with a compatible PMS integration, Weave will attempt to pull in Employer Insurance Groups or Employer Plans as synced from your management system. You may search in this bar by the Employer Name or the Group ID. This will auto-fill as many fields on the form as possible to save you time. Screen_Shot_2022-06-23_at_12.55.45_PM.png Refresh the list of plans and employers from your PMS in real-time for accurate search results.

        • Fill out the Company/Payer Name
        • Member ID
        • Insurance Payer

          Tip: See this list of supported payers with Weave Insurance Verification

        • Group Name 
        • Member ID
        • Patient First & Last Name
        • Patient DOB
        • NPI Selector 
        • Tax ID
    6. Select Verify once the required fields are completed

    Once Weave verifies patient insurance, you'll be able to view a full report of their insurance information including benefits, patient procedure/claim history, maximums, deductibles, remaining coverage per calendar year, and other useful data.

    Access Patient Eligibility Reports

    You can only access the eligibility report if the status of verification for the patient is Active.

    Access the eligibility report:

    Schedule Patients
    1. Open Schedule_Invert.svg Schedule in the desktop app
    2. Click Active in the schedule row for the patient whose insurance eligibility report you would like to see
    3. Choose to see the eligibility report from the pop-up menu

    Use the filtering and search functions within the eligibility report to quickly find information. Save a filtered view and have it write back directly back to your practice management system's document center.

    Insurance eligibility reports are kept in Weave for 30 days. Once the 30 days have passed, the data will be removed from Weave to protect the security of your practice's data.

    Most Commonly Used Supported Insurance Payers 

    Weave has partnered with Vyne, a leading tech company in digital claims management and insurance verification. Not all payers are supported at this time, but we are continuing to work with our partners to add more to our network. For a list of all supported payers, click here. Below is the most commonly used payers that are supported through Vyne and the eligibility report data they return:

    Payer View prior service history View remaining deductible in summary card Major missing pieces of eligibility report Limitations with procedure codes


    No - Available in Details
    • Patient, subscriber, provider, and plan overview details
    • Services not covered
    Cigna No Yes   Yes
    Delta Dental CA Yes - See Limitations Yes
    • Provider details
    Delta Dental GA  Yes - See Limitations Yes   Yes
    Delta Dental PA  Yes - See Limitations Yes   Yes
    Guardian  Yes - See Coinsurance & Limitations Yes   Yes
    Metlife  Yes - See Coinsurance, Deductibles, and Limitations -   Yes
    Principal  Yes - See Limitations Yes
    • Provider details
    • Active coverage overview details
    United Concordia  Yes - See Limitations & Active Coverage No - Remaining Amounts in Maximums
    • Plan overview details
    United Health No Yes
    • Maximums


    *For document center uploads into your PMS, the compatible integrations are Dentrix (G7 and above), OpenDental and Eaglesoft

    ** Please consult our integration page on the Weave website to see a list of compatible integrations for auto-syncing insurance information from the PMS into Weave. For Weave to write the updated insurance information into your PMS post-verification, the compatible integrations are OpenDental and Eaglesoft

    Troubleshooting Tips

    If an error occurs during on-the-spot verification, you will be notified after clicking “Verify”.

    Usually, errors are related to missing or incorrect data used for verification. If the error says that a payer “isn’t responding” or “can’t communicate right now”, please try again in a few minutes to verify that patient’s insurance. Sometimes payer systems can take a minute to respond to requests for verification, but we’ve had success in trying again after a minute or two.

    We are actively monitoring each of the requests sent with Verify to quickly address any issues with connectivity as they come up. We are also actively working with Vyne, our partner with Verify, on making this experience as seamless as possible over the coming months.

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  • Optimize Your Practice Management System for Weave Insurance Verification

    If you have a compatible practice management integration with Weave, Weave will sync patient and schedule information. Insurance Verification takes advantage of this syncing capability to automatically pre-fill as many fields as possible on the on-the-spot form. However, there are several advantages if you have a compatible integration. 

    Optimizing Your Management System Data for On-the-Spot Verification

    The more accurate the insurance data on a patient's chart, the more likely Weave Insurance Verification is to save you time. Here are a few tips on ensuring that you run into as few hiccups as possible: 

    • Ensure employer insurance plans are updated in your management system, including: 
      • The accurate insurance payer ID. See here for a list of payer IDs to add. Make sure that the payer ID in your management system for a particular payer is either shown in the Payer ID column on the left or one of the ALT IDs on the right. This ensures Weave can look up the right payer per patient when you submit a verification request. 
    • Ensure You have accurate demographic information for the patient in question 
      • If you have outdated information such as an incorrect last name or date of birth, message the patient from Weave to get the updated information
    • Enter the primary subscriber's information on the on-the-spot form if you're verifying eligibility for a dependent 
      • Addition fields will appear on the form if you select the patient as a dependent of a primary subscriber. If you're integrated with Weave, you'll see the option to select one of the patient's family members to auto-fill the primary subscriber's information (assuming the primary subscriber is a family member). Check the information is accurate in both your management system and Weave.

    Insurance Information Writebacks & Document Uploads to Your PMS

    Integration functionality offers two separate features with Insurance Verification: document center uploads and insurance information writebacks. The term “writeback”  means that Weave is “writing” information “back” into your practice management system. 

    Document Center Uploads

    If you have Dentrix (G7+), Eaglesoft, or OpenDental, you will see an option on the eligibility report to Save to [Your Management System] next to the Print button in the top right corner. This will allow the eligibility report to upload directly to the PMS document store, attributable to the patient in question. This saves you and your staff time when needing to recall certain eligibility information. The file will upload in PDF format, and you’ll be able to choose whether or not to keep the filters that you’ve applied to the report for the upload. 

    Note: In the rare event that the upload doesn’t work, save the document to your workstation’s desktop so you can easily drag and drop the PDF (with or without the filters) into the document store of your PMS. There will be a pop-up notifying you of the steps to take if things don’t work out as planned.

    Insurance Information Writebacks

    If you have either OpenDental or Eaglesoft, you will have the option for Weave to write information back to the patient chart for you to keep your systems free from outdated information. You will have this option available to you after a successful verification via the on-the-spot form. The following are the fields that will write back to the PMS:

    • Insurance Plan ID
    • Member ID
    • Company/Employer Name
    • Group Name
    • Relationship to Primary Subscriber

    Please note that you will need to ensure that an insurance plan already exists in your PMS for the writebacks to work as intended. Learn how to create insurance companies and employers (or “groups” in Eaglesoft):


    Create insurance companies Create insurance groups or employers
    1. Choose Lists in the top bar
    2. Select Insurance Companies
    3. Click New at the bottom of the pop-up window 
    4. Fill out the insurance plan information 
    5. Select OK


    Create insurance companies Create insurance employers
    1. Choose Lists in the top bar
    2. Select Insurance Carriers 
    3. Fill out the information
    4. Click OK

    The information added manually to the practice management system will be pulled in Weave Insurance Verification on the syncing schedule of the integration.

    *Currently, integrated practice management systems include Eaglesoft and OpenDental for writing back specific insurance details back to the patient chart, such as the member ID, dependency status, etc. The eligibility report writebacks work with Eaglesoft, OpenDental and Dentrix. We have plans to add more integration functionality in the future.

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