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  • Set Up Voicemail

    Making sure your voicemail greeting provides the correct information and is setup properly can be essential as it is sometimes the first interaction your customers will have with your business. 

    About Voicemail

    Your office has one general voicemail box in addition to each phone having its own personal voicemail box. These voicemail greetings are controlled by the Office Hours you set in Weave.

    Weave recommends that you set up the following voicemail greetings:

    Type of Greeting Description
    Open Hours
    This greeting typically plays during your designated open hours if no one answers the phone. This may be different depending on the customizations you set up for your phone system.
    Closed Hours
    This greeting typically plays during your designated closed hours. This may be different depending on the customizations you set up for your phone system.
    Personal Extension Greeting We recommend setting up a personal voicemail greeting for each phone extension in your office. This greeting will play when someone directly dials or is transferred to your direct extension and you do not answer the phone.

    If your office closes for lunch, a regular staff meeting, or any other break, we also recommend setting up the following greetings:

    Type of Greeting Description
    Lunch Hours
    This greeting typically plays immediately during your designated lunch hours. This may be different depending on the customizations you set up for your phone system.
    Break Hours
    This greeting typically plays immediately during your designated break hours. This may be different depending on the customizations you set up for your phone system.

    Set Up Voicemail

    To set up voicemail you'll need to follow these steps:

    1. Record or upload your voicemail greeting
    2. Assign recorded greeting to a voicemail box
    3. Make optional customizations
    Troubleshooting Tips

    Having issues getting your voicemail greeting to play? Try these steps:

    • Make sure voicemail override and call forwarding are turned off.
    • Listen to the greeting you have assigned and make sure it is the correct one. 0 - Unassigned will play a generic voicemail greeting.
    • Make sure you’re clicking into the correct device when you make changes. 
    • Remember, this greeting is for voicemail, so if you hear your phone tree greeting playing back, you have the wrong greeting assigned. There should be no dial steps listed in the voicemail greeting. 
    • Double check that your office hours are set up correctly. 
    • To reassign for a holiday greeting, follow the steps for voicemail override. This will not automatically change back after the holidays, so you’ll have to remember to change it.

    Do incoming voicemails have audio issues or static background noise?

    • Check signaling
    • Delete all voicemail instructions going to voicemail boxes and recreate them
    • Check if this is happening with all voicemail messages. It may just be the caller.
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  • Assign Your Greeting to a Voicemail Box

    After you've recorded or uploaded your voicemail greeting, the next step is to assign the greeting to the correct voicemail box so customers get the right message at the right time.

    Assign Your Greeting to a Voicemail Box

    You must have the role of Admin or Advanced Team Member to adjust these settings.

    1. Log into your Weave Portal
    2. Select Phone.svg Phone from the left side menu
    3. Select Voicemail Boxes
    4. Select the box you want to assign a greeting
    5. Click Add Greeting to your voicemail box
    6. Select the greeting you wish to use for that mailbox from the dropdown
      • You can choose to have No Greeting, the Weave Default Greeting that is a recording provided by Weave, or your own recording from the Media Library
    7. Click Use Selected File
    8. Click the drop down arrow under Schedule Greeting and select a time

      Note: Make sure that your general voicemail box is assigned both an Open and Closed greeting. If your office also closes for lunch or a break then you should also assign a voicemail recording to those as well. Your Office Hours settings in your Weave desktop app will control when these messages are played.

    9. If you need to assign another greeting, click Add Greeting and repeat steps 6-8
    10. Once you have added and assigned all of your desired voicemail greetings, click Save Changes

    Tip: Weave also offers a Phone Tree (also known as an IVR, interactive voice response, call tree, or auto attendant) for offices that would like to route their callers into a menu. If you are interested in more information about how this works, check out our Phone Tree article.

    Optional Customizations

    These customizations are not required, but available based on your preferences. 

    • You can give your mailbox a new name if desired
    • You can set or change your PIN for your voicemail box if desired
    • Toggle to play the voicemail message date on or off as desired
    • Decide if you want to receive an email and/or sms notification when you receive a new voicemail message.

    Tip: Email notifications are a great way to transfer a voicemail to someone else to manage. SMS notifications are great to use for a personal voicemail box if you want to listen to messages when you are away from the office. Go to Listening to Voicemail Messages to learn more.

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  • Record or Upload Phone Greetings

    Even if you don't make it to the phone, you can still ensure your customers are getting the service they need by recording a friendly voicemail or phone tree greeting that offers helpful information.

    Record or Upload Your Greeting

    There are three ways to record or upload a greeting: 

    Weave PhoneWeave PortalMobile App

    Follow these steps to record a greeting via your Weave phone:

    1. Dial *86 on your Weave Phone and record your greeting
    2. Go to your Weave Portal
    3. Click Phone.svg Phone from the left side menu
    4. Select Media Library and locate the greeting that you just recorded 
    5. Give your greeting a name so that you can identify it later
    6. Click Save

    Next, you'll want to Assign Your Greeting to a Voicemail Box or Phone Tree.

    Download Your Greeting

    If you want to have a backup on your computer of the greeting you've created, you can download the file. 

    1. Log in to your Weave Portal
    2. Click Phone.svg Phone from the left side menu
    3. Select Media Library
    4. Click the More.svg Ellipses icon next to the recording you wish to download (If your screen is smaller, you may not be able to see the 3 dots. Hover your mouse at the end of the grey preview bar until you see the round button highlight and click.)
    5. Click Download
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  • Manage Call Routing (Main Line & Departments)

    Set business hours and call routing for your team and add specialized teams, such as billing, with your Main Line and Departments so customers can quickly get answers by the people trained to solve their questions. 

    Make changes in response to whatever your team is facing - whether that's a change in communication strategy or inclement weather. 

    This feature is currently in beta.

    Note: Implementing new departments in your call configuration offers some more features in Messaging in the desktop app. Learn more.

    Before you begin working, you'll want to make sure a few things are in place:

    Edit Your Main Line or a Separate Department

    Once you have those things in place, you can start configuring your main line and any other departments in the admin portal.

    1. Select Phone.svg Phone in the menu on the left side of your screen 
    2. Click Main Line or Departments from the dropdown 
    3. If you click Departments, choose which department you would like to edit or select Add Department 
    4. If you added a new department, assign a name by selecting the Edit icon next to Department Title

    Note: The Main Line department title cannot be edited.

    Change Phone Number Settings

    Note: Assigning a phone number is not required on a new department if you are planning to route to a phone tree. It is required on your main line. 

    1. While editing your Main Line or a department, select the Carrot_Down.svg Down Arrow next to Phone Number Settings
    2. Toggle on toggle.png if you would like to assign an extension number
      • If you would like to contact the department internally, toggling extension number will allow you to dial the number assigned without the full phone number. This also allows you to test the call routing before assigning a phone number.
    3. Click Assign Number
    4. Select the phone number you would like from the Phone Number Dropdown
    5. Click Assign Number to verify
    6. Type an External Caller ID Name in the box

      Note: The character limit is 15 characters. In order to update the national database (CNAM), you will need to call Weave support.

    7. Click Save

    Change Voicemail Box Settings

    1. While editing your Main Line or a department, select the Carrot_Down.svg Down Arrow next to Voicemail Box Settings 
    2. Type a Voicemail Box Name in the box 

      Note: The extension to access the voicemail box from a deskphone for this department is next to the voicemail box name.

    3. Type the 4-digit Pin into the text box that you would like to use to check the voicemail box
    4. Toggle on/off toggle.png if you would like the voicemail box to play the message date
    5. Toggle on/off toggle.png if you would like to enable email or text notifications  
      • If you toggle on, provide an email address or phone number in the labeled text boxes and select Save. You can add multiple addresses and phone numbers.
    6. Select Save Changes

    Tip: Your Main Line and every department each has its own voicemail box, so each will need to be checked for caller messages.

    Change Phone Hours

    1. While editing your Main Line or a department, select the Carrot_Down.svg Down Arrow next to Phone Hours & Call Routing
    2. Choose the days and times this department will be open by clicking Edit Phone Hours on the right side of the screen or on the open hours that are currently set in the calendar
    3. Check.svg Check the box next to open days
    4. Add the Start and End Times
    5. Select Save 
    6. Add breaks for lunch, staff meetings, or after-hour answering services by clicking Add Break on the right side of the screen

      Note: You can't have two breaks that overlap, even by a minute. If you have two breaks that line up, create one long break time. If they need different routing, change the start or end time by a minute so they no longer overlap.

    7. Type a Break Name into the text box
    8. Check the box next to days that need the break 
    9. Add Start and End Times
    10. Select Save

    Note: You can also delete breaks and hours by selecting delete in the editing pop-ups.

    Change Call Routing Settings

    1. While editing your Main Line or a department, select the Carrot_Down.svg Down Arrow next to Phone Hours & Call Routing 
    2. Under routing settings, select whether you are editing the Open, Closed, or one of the breaks you added to the schedule 
    3. Select whether you would like incoming calls to go through a call group, phone tree, call queue, or another routing option from the tabs across the screen
    Call GroupPhone TreeCall QueueOther Routing Options
    1. Select a Call Group from the dropdown menu
    2. Add up to three Fallback Options to choose what should happen if the call group does not pick up (Optional)

      Note: Once the Voicemail option is chosen, there can be no more Fallback Options after it. If you add Voicemail in the middle of your Fallback Options, all options after will be deleted.

    3. Select Save Changes

    Delete a Department 

    1. Select Phone.svg Phone in the menu on the left side of your screen 
    2. Click Departments from the dropdown 
    3. Choose which department you would like to delete 
    4. At the bottom of the page, select Delete Department 
    5. Click Confirm in the pop-up 

    Once a department is deleted, call logs, any call recordings, and voicemails will no longer be accessible. You cannot delete the Main Line.

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  • Setup and Edit a Call Queue

    The call queue feature is a great way to manage the incoming calls from patients, clients, or customers. 

    In order to add a Call Queue to your Weave experience, fill out this form. Once that is completed, a support agent will reach out to finalize your queue in 1-3 business days.  


    How Can Call Queues Help My Office?

    If your employees find themselves experiencing an overwhelming rate of calls, voicemails, or parked calls, call queues can help you reduce the number of missed calls by answering them in an orderly manner.

    Call queues also have features to ensure a better experience for your agents. 

    After Call Work Time allows 5 seconds after hanging up a call to regroup before the next one comes into their phone. 

    By Rejecting a Call, agents ensure their phone will not receive another call for the queue for 60 seconds. The call will reroute to another agent. 

    Agents can select Do Not Disturb to take a break and stop receiving calls. This is great for lunch breaks and in-office meetings.

    How Can I Start Using Call Queues?

    Fill out this form to start the process of getting your call queues set up. Once that is completed, a support agent will reach out to finalize your queue in 1-3 business days.

    Before you fill out the form, take a second to familiarize yourself with the options for Call Queues found in the section below.

    This is a temporary solution that will be changed with upcoming updates.

    How Do I Edit My Call Queues? 

    After your queue has been created by a Weave representative, you can make edits through the Weave Portal

    1. Head to the Weave Portal and select Phone in the left side menu
    2. Click Call Queues from the dropdown menu 
    3. You’ll see the name of the queue you set up with support. Click into the queue

    Here you can make changes to the call queue to affect how it works and what the callers experience. The features you can customize include: 

    • The name of the call queue
    • Routing options
      • Choose between allowing all phones to ring at the same time with an incoming call or just the single phone that has been idle for the most amount of time
    • Devices assigned to the queue
      • Choose which phones will operate on this queue from a pop-up window
    • Greeting as a caller enters the queue 
      • Upload a recorded greeting for your callers or select one from the dropdown menu
    • Allowing an escape option from the queue 
      • Choose whether callers can press 0 to go to your fallback option (usually voicemail) that is set by Weave
    • Hold music 
      • Choose your preferred hold music from a drop-down list
    • If and how often you want the caller to hear their position in line with the position announcement
      • When you decide to have a caller's position announced, you can choose for the first announcement to occur immediately to within the first minute and the following announcements to occur anywhere between every 30 seconds to 10 minutes
    • Maximum caller hold time 
      • Choose how long a caller can be on hold before they will be sent to the fallback option

    When you are finished making changes, make sure to press Save.

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  • Set or Edit Office Hours

    The Office Hours setting in your Weave software controls when your phones ring and when specific Voicemail Greetings are played. This is real-time manipulation of your phone system and Voicemail Greetings.

    Note: In order to edit office hours, you must have the admin or advanced team member user role.

    There are 4 settings within Office Hours. Unless customized these settings will operate thus: 

    1. Open Hours: Your phones will ring on incoming calls during open hours. If no answer, the call will go to your Open Hours Voicemail Greeting.
    2. Closed Hours: Incoming calls will go straight to your Closed Hours Voicemail Greeting. 
    3. Lunch Hours: Incoming calls will go straight to your Lunch Hours Voicemail Greeting. 
    4. Break Hours. Incoming calls will go straight to your Break Hours Voicemail Greeting. 

    To assign your Voicemail Greetings to Open Hours, Closed Hours, Lunch Hours, or Break Hours, visit Set Up Voicemail.

    Note: Office Hours are set 7 days at a time. If you need to adjust your hours on a specific day of the week, make sure you only change it a week or less in advance.

    Office Hours can be adjusted in your Weave desktop and mobile app. To set or edit your office hours, follow the instructions below.

    Desktop App Mobile App
    1. Click on the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu icon in the top right corner
    2. Select Settings.svg Settings 
    3. Select Clock.svg Office Hours
    4. Click on the Edit.svg edit icon next to the day of the week you want to edit
    5. Adjust the hours for that day or mark your office as closed for the day
      • Select Closed On (Day) to prevent phones from ringing that day
      • Add Lunch or Break hours if needed
      • Select the times you want your phones to start and stop ringing for the day in the Open and Close sections
    6. Click Save 
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