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  • Send & Receive Team Chats

    Team Chat is a HIPAA compliant tool for your internal communications and a great way to let a co-worker know that their next patient has arrived or that lunch is here!  

    Everyone in your office that has been added as a Weave User, with a login and password will automatically be set up as a Team Chat Member. 

    Note: If your team has Weave Unify you can easily chat with team members in any location. You can select a user from any location to add to a group or to direct message.

    To send a private chat to another member of your team follow these simple step by steps:

    1. Click into your Team Chat icon to get started
    2. New unread chats will appear in the unread section at the top of your chats
    3. Click on the  Plus.svg sign next to Group Chats or Direct Messages to start a new chat


    4. Compose your message to your teammate/s.

    Tip: Team mates can turn on chat notifications to be notified when a new message is received.


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  • Add & Manage Team Chat Groups

    Once your team members have created their logins for Weave they will be added as team members in Team Chat.

    Create a Group

    To add a group of team members to message all at once you can create different groups within your office to message.

    With Weave Unify you can easily chat with team members in any location.

    1. Click on the + symbol next to Group Chats
    2. Give your group a name
    3. Select team members you want to add to the group
    4. Click Create to save your new group

    Change or Edit a Group Chat

    Note: Only the creator of a group chat can make edits to or delete the group.

    Once you have created your Team Chat Groups, you can edit, delete, or leave a group chat as needed. Follow these simple instructions:

    1. Select the Group Chat you want to modify
    2. Select the ellipses icon More.svg  in the upper right hand corner
    3. Choose your desired action to Edit, Leave, or Delete the Group


    Note: Only members of the group can view the messages in any given group chat.

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  • Set Team Chat Status and Notifications

    Let your teammates know that your availability to chat by setting your chat status.

    Set your team chat status

    Customize to your own situation, letting your team members know if you are free, in a meeting, with a patient, our out of the office using your chat settings.


    Manage team chat notifications

    You can choose to to manage your chat notifications by going to your Team Chat Settings. Here you can mute or disable chat notifications as desired.

    1. Select the Dropdown Arrow in the upper right hand corner of your Chat Window

    2. Click Settings

    3. Check to Mute or Unmute your audible chat notifications or popup notifications


    4. Once your notifications have been turned on you can View, Ignore, or Reply to your Team Chats through the popup notifications.


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