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  • Send & Receive Text Messages (Texting)

    Easily send and receive messages from your patients and customers with Weave's two-way texting in the Messages App.

    To learn more about managing your messages inbox, click here.

    Sending a Message

    1. Select the Message_Invert.svg Messages
    2. Click on blue plus icon at the bottom right corner
    3. Type in the name or phone number of the person that you want to send the message to
    4. Write your message. From here you can use the following in your message:
    5. Click the Send button to send your message to the selected recipient 

    Tip: You cannot create group or mass texts. You can text multiple people by adding them to lists. You can also bulk message all the patients or customers scheduled for the day by going to Schedule_Invert.svg Schedule and clicking the Message.svg Message icon above the list of patients.

    Receiving a Message

    All received messages will go to the Actionable tab in your Message Inbox. 

    If you are logged into Weave, you will receive a notification either in the top right or bottom right corner of the screen where you can:

    • Ignore the message notification
    • Reply to the message directly from the notification
    • Add Tag to add a message tag to this message



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  • Manage Your Messages Inbox

    Manage your Messages Inbox with your Actionable tab, Message Tags, bulk actions, and more.

    Video overview

    Actionable Messages

    Your Messages App will be organized by an Actionable or All tab.

    The following messages can be found in the Actionable tab:

    • Drafts will appear at the top of list in italics

    • A blue dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_10.59.32_AM.png  indicates a new unread message

    • yellow dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_10.57.38_AM.png indicates a message has been opened by your office, but has not yet been responded to
    • A red dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_11.00.30_AM.png indicates a message that was undeliverable

    Messages can be removed from and returned to the Actionable tab.

    Remove from the Actionable tab Return to the Actionable tab
    To remove a thread from the Actionable tab, click on the check mark next to the message thread. This will move the thread to the All tab.

    Tagging Messages

    Tagging allows you to assign a message thread to a department or team member.

    Create a Message Tag

    1. Select the More.svg Ellipses icon in the upper right hand corner of your Messages app
    2. Select Settings.svg Message Settings 
    3. Select Tags
    4. Click Add New Tag
    5. Type in a Tag Name
    6. Assign desired team member(s) to that tag
    7. Click Save

    Hover over an existing Tag to Edit.svg Edit or Trash.svg Delete

    Tag a Message

    Once tags are created, you can apply a tag to your message threads:

    Add a Tag Change a Tag Remove a Tag

    To add a tag,

    1. Click on the blue More.svg ellipses icon next to the message thread
    2. Click Tag Message 
    3. Select the tag you want to apply

    If you have multiple departments in your office's phone configuration, you’ll see the department along with any tags underneath the customer name or number in Messages.

    Filter Your Messages Inbox

    Once tags are created and applied, you can filter your messages with your tag(s). 

    To filter your inbox,

    1. Click on the Filter-Alt__1_.svg Filter icon in your Messages app
    2. Check.svg Select the tags you would like to include in the filter
    3. Click Apply 

    If you have multiple departments in your phone configuration, you’ll be able to filter messages by your main line and department by using the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown at the top of the messages page and in individual customer messages.

    When filtering by one department in a specific chat, you can see the individual message thread. If you choose to respond, it will be from the correct number of the department chat you have open.

    If you filter by all departments in a chat with a customer, you see recent messages sent and received separated by the name of the department. You cannot respond from here.

    Bulk Actions

    Your Messages inbox includes the ability to Tag, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, or Archive multiple messages.

    1. Click on the More.svg Ellipses icon in the upper right corner of your Messages app
    2. Select the Select_All.svg Actions 
    3. Select the messages you want to apply the bulk actions
    4. Select to Tag, Message_Unread.svg Mark Unread, Message_Read.svg Read, or to Archive.svg Archive the messages

    Note: Archived messages threads are removed from your messages inbox, but are not deleted. To see archived messages, send or receive a text from the number that contains archived messages. You can also search the patient's name or number within Messages and open the message thread to see archived messages.

    Delete a Message 

    Get rid of individual messages in shared or personal threads in the desktop app. 

    1. Open the conversation you would like to delete a message from 
    2. Hover over the message
    3. Click the Trash.svg Delete icon that appears next to the message 
    4. Select Delete

    Note: The deleted message will be replaced with a notification of the day it was deleted and your name. Anyone on the account can see this on shared messages. 

    Show or Remove Automated Messages

    Weave Plus/Integrated offices can now choose to show or remove automated messages from the All tab.

    Note: This feature is dependent on your practice management software.

    1. Select the More.svg ellipses icon in the upper right corner of your Messages app
    2. Select Settings.svg Message Settings 
    3. Toggle on Mark as Read TOGGLEGIF.gif if you want to remove confirmed patient responses from the Actionable Tab.

    Tip: You can also right click on a message to mark a message unread, archive or tag a message

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  • Sending Picture Messages

    Spruce up your communications by sending and receiving texts and images including .gifs and .jpegs (not .pdfs) through your Weave Messages App.

    Sending Picture Messages

    1. Select Message_Invert.svg Messages from your home page
    2. Click on the + to compose a new message or use the search bar to resume a previous conversation.

      Note: You can search by customer first or last name.

    3. Compose your message, insert an Emoji.svg Emoji, or click on the Image.svg Picture icon to add a photo (.gif or jpeg)
    4. Drop and drag, or select an image from your saved files
    5. Click Send

    If a photo has sensitive information, such as a credit card or insurance information, the photo can be downloaded or deleted by right clicking on the image.

    Note: Weave will remind you about the risks of sending protected health information before you can send.

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  • Edit Message Templates

    Message Templates allow you to send messages even faster with a precomposed message. Follow these instructions to rename or edit your message templates or create as many new templates as you would like.

    1. Select the Template.svg Template Icon found at the bottom of any customer message thread
    2. Select from a precomposed message template by using the search bar and click Edit or Select Add New at the bottom of the screen
    3. Type a name for the template at the top of the screen
    4. Compose your message by clicking in the text box, and add any applicable variables by  dragging them into the message
    5. Preview your message to make sure it looks correct
    6. Click Save 

    You can not currently add images to message templates.

    Note: Some phone providers and cell phone providers break templates over 160 characters into multiple messages. This can cause hyperlinks to break, so you can try shortening the template or sending the hyperlink in a following message to your clients.

    Looking for more? Learn the foundations of Message Templates in the Weave Training Camp Message Course for Weave Plus or Weave Core depending on your product bundle.

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  • Send Wellness Forms

    Protect yourself and your staff by screening patients with a wellness form prior to bringing them into the office. 

    Preview the Wellness Form

    1. Log into your Weave Portal
    2. Select Customers from the left side menu
    3. Click on Wellness Forms
    4. Click on the preview icon Preview.svg to preview the Wellness Form

    Note: Wellness Forms cannot be edited or changed.

    Sending Wellness Forms

    Wellness Forms can be sent a number of ways: 

    Copy Wellness Forms Link for Text or Email
    1. Log into your Weave Portal
    2. Select the Customer Menu
    3. Click on Wellness Forms
    4. Click on the copy icon Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_1.01.34_PM.png to copy the URL 
    5. Paste the link into a text message or email to your customer
    Wellness Forms Message Template
    1. Go to an existing message thread in Messages
    2. Click on the template icon Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_1.04.41_PM.png
    3. Select Wellness Forms 
    4. Adjust the message as necessary
    5. Click Send

    Tip: Trying to limit the number of customers in your waiting area? Try the Curbside Waiting Room template! Click here to learn about editing your message templates. 

    Wellness Forms Schedule Messaging Template

    The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software

    1. Click on the message icon  Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_1.36.19_PM.png in Schedule to start a new schedule message
    2. Select Wellness Forms 
    3. Adjust the message as necessary
    4. Click Send

    Tip: Trying to limit the number of customers in your waiting area? Try the Curbside Waiting Room template! Click here to learn about editing your message templates. 

    Add Link to Appointment Reminders

    The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software

    You can also add the wellness form variable directly to your Automated Appointment Reminders.

    When editing your reminder message, click the Wellness Form icon to add it to the template, preview the message, and select Next to save. 

    Viewing Wellness Form Responses

    Results will be posted in the Weave Portal after the form has been completed. Here you can filter by Name, Email, Phone, or Symptomatic results.

    1. Click User.svg Customers from the menu on the left side

    2. Select Wellness Forms from the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown

    3. Launch a walkthrough, Training.svg view training content, Copy.svg copy the form URL to send, or Preview.svg preview the wellness form 

    4. Filter by name, email, phone, or symptomatic results 

    5. Download individual forms by click the Download.svg Download icon

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  • Install and Use Text Connect

    Weave Text Connect feature is a widget that can be installed on your website that allows customers to connect with you and start a text conversation. 

    This feature is an add on feature. Check with your admin to verify it is a part of your package.

    Note: The existing Web Assistant Widget will no longer be supported after December 31, 2022. To continue using Text Connect through the widget, you'll need to update your website the new Text Connect code available in the Weave Portal.

    Tip: Make sure you are using Google Chrome. If experiencing issues, try clearing your cache and cookies.

    Install Text Connect Widget

    1. Open the Weave Portal
    2. Select Message.svg Messages from the left navigation 
    3. Click Text Connect from the dropdown
    4. Scroll down to the Installation section to view the instructions to add the widget to your website 
    5. Copy the link to share with your IT or Web administrator or copy the code to embed it yourself on the website. Click the links at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to install for common web hosting sites

    How Text Connect Works

    1. Your customer can engage with our widget installed on your website by clicking on the

      Message_Invert.svg bubble in the bottom right corner

    2. They enter their information through the widget

    3. The customer automatically receives an automated text response from your office letting them know you will get back to them as soon as you can

    4. Your office receives the incoming message just like a regular text message with a pop-up notification and a notification through Message_Invert.svg Messages
    5. The messages will appear at the top of your messages feed

    6. The sender’s name will be attached to the end of their text so that you can respond to your prospect by name

    Update Text Connect Message Templates

    Personalize the automated messages that customers receive after messaging during office hours or office hours.

    1. Go to the Weave Portal 
    2. Click Message.svg Messages in the left navigation menu
    3. Select Text Connect from the dropdown
    4. Click Edit below the template you would like to update
    5. Use the text box to personalize the message 
    6. Select Save
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