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  • Send and Receive Faxes

    Weave's Fax feature is designed to be the easiest fax service you will every use. Never refill the paper tray again! Follow these steps to send and receive faxes through Weave.

    This is a premium feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Note: Before you can start using Weave Fax, you will need to port your office fax number over to Weave. See Port Your Phone and Fax Number(s) to Weave for more information about porting phone numbers to Weave.

    Send a Fax (Desktop)

    1. Click on the Fax icon
    2. Click on the + icon at the bottom right corner
    3. Type in the fax number you want to send the fax to in the Recipient field
    4. Select which of your fax numbers you want the fax to be sent from in the Sender field

      Tip: If you do not have multiple fax numbers, you will not see this option.

    5. If desired, type in a memo to be added to the cover sheet

      Tip: If you do not want a cover sheet, click on the toggle next to Include Cover Sheet to disable the cover sheet.

    6. Upload the file you want to send in your fax

      Note: Weave Fax accepts PDF, JPG, and PNG file types. See Fax Troubleshooting for more information about file format and size requirements.

    7. Click Next to generate the fax
    8. Select Preview if you want to preview the cover sheet and/or fax before sending


    9. Click Send to complete 

    Once you have sent the fax, it will take you to your Sent column in your Fax App. If there are any errors with a fax delivery, it will say Failed in red next to the fax. Keep in mind that these will be normal fax errors. See Fax Troubleshooting more information about troubleshooting.

    Send a Fax (Mobile)

    You can also send faxes from your Weave Mobile App. This means you can take a picture with your cell phone and send the image via fax. Follow these instructions to send a fax from your mobile app. 

    1. Tap on the Fax icon
    2. Click New Fax at the bottom of your screen
    3. Tap on the photo icon to take a photo or select a picture from your photo library

    4. Once you have uploaded your image(s), click Next Step
    5. Type in the fax number you want to send the fax to in the Fax Number field
    6. Click Send Fax

    Receiving Faxes

    You will receive a notification when a new fax is received like this:


    • Click View to be taken to your Received list in your Fax App
    • Click Ignore to dismiss the notification

    You can view received faxes in the Received tab at the top of your Fax App:

    From here, you can choose between the following options for the received fax:

    • Preview/Print
    • Forward
    • Download
    • Archive

    Tip: Archived faxes will be removed from your Received list and can be found marked as Archived in your Fax History in the Admin Portal. See Archive, Unarchive, or Delete a Fax for more information about archiving faxes.

    Manage Your Fax Inbox (Bulk Actions)

    Bulk actions allow you to easily manage your Fax inbox by selecting multiple faxes at once.

    1. Select the three dots at the top right corner of your Fax App
    2. Select Actions to select one or multiple faxes
    3. Select one of the icons across the top to:
    4. Click Done at the top right corner to complete the action


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  • Archive, Unarchive, or Delete a Fax

    Keep your fax inbox clean by archiving or deleting faxes. Archived faxes can be restored, but deleted faxes cannot. Follow these instructions to archive, unarchive, or delete a fax.

    Fax is a premium feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Archive a Fax

    Archiving a fax will remove it from your fax inbox in your desktop app, but will still be available in your Fax History in your Admin Portal. Archived faxes can be restored into your fax inbox in your desktop app.

    Archive an Individual Fax

    1. From your Fax App, select on the fax you would like to archive
    2. Click Archive
    3. Select Confirm

    Archive Multiple Faxes 

    1. Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of your Fax App
    2. Select Actions
    3. Select the faxes you would like to archive
    4. Click on the archive icon at the top
    5. Click Done to complete the action

    Restore an Archived Fax (Unarchive)

    1. Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of your Fax App
    2. Select Archived
    3. Locate the fax you would like to restore
    4. Click on the Restore icon 
    5. Select Continue 

    Once the fax is restored, you can view it again in the fax inbox in your Desktop App.

    Delete a Fax

    Note: Once a fax is deleted, it cannot be restored. 

    1. Log into your Weave Admin Portal: https://app.getweave.com/admin/login

      Tip: For best results use Google Chrome. Windows Explorer is not supported by this application.

    2. Select Fax from the sidebar menu on the left side
    3. Locate the fax you would like to restore
    4. Click on the Delete icon 
    5. Select Continue 
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  • Fax Troubleshooting

    Having trouble with the fax feature? This article walks you through common troubleshooting steps for using the Weave Fax feature. 

    Fax is a premium feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

    Uploading Files to Send a Fax

    In order to upload correctly to Weave, your fax file must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be in PDF, JPG or PNG format
    • The size of your page must be 8.5 x 11 inches
    • Must be in the portrait orientation 
    • It must be under 25 MB (megabits)

    Tip: If you need help converting your fax to PDF format click here.

    Fax Delivery Issues

    If a fax fails to deliver for any reason, you can see the reason why the fax didn't send. 

    Check the status of a sent fax:

    1. From your Desktop App, click on the Fax icon
    2. Click Sent at the top
    3. Find the fax that you want to check the status
    4. If it says Failed in red, click on Failed to see the reason for the delivery failure
    5. To resend the fax, click on the retry button


    Note: If you see the error message “receiver_communication_error, code 3301” and the fax  won’t send, the receiving fax line is busy. You’ll have to try again later.

    Test Inbound Faxes

    If you want to ensure you are able to properly receive inbound faxes, you can run a test by going to Faxzero.com. FaxZero is a free EFAX service that lets you test inbound faxes.

    Fax Icon Not Displaying in Desktop App

    If the Fax Icon is not displaying in your desktop app, it could be for a few reasons. These are the top reasons:

    1. Premium Feature - Your office might not be signed up for this feature. This feature is part of our premium package.
    2. Porting - The Fax icon will only appear once your fax number has fully ported over to Weave. If your fax number has not yet ported over to Weave, your Fax icon will not yet appear in your Desktop App. 

    If you have signed up for Premium Features and your fax number is ported over to Weave, contact your Onboarding Representative or Customer Support if your Fax icon is still not applying in your Desktop App. 

    Fax Machine Not Working

    Once you port your fax number over to Weave, you will no longer use your traditional fax machine. All faxes will be sent and received digitally through your Weave Desktop App. You can also quickly send faxes from your mobile app. 

    If your fax number has not yet ported over to Weave, or you do not plan on porting your fax number over to Weave, check with your current fax service provider if you are experiencing issues with your fax machine. 

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