Weave Quick Help, Custom Hold Music for Unify Offices, and More - What’s New October 2022


Weave Quick Help

Swiftly find answers to your questions anywhere in the desktop app using Weave Quick Help. Find resources (including articles, chatbot responses, and more) specific to the features you’re using by clicking on the Question Mark icon in the top right corner.

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Custom Hold Music for Unify Offices

We heard your request and you no longer need to share hold music with all of the offices in your business. You can now customize hold music for your office by uploading music files or recorded marketing messages. Admin users can simply navigate to each child location and customize their hold music through the Weave Portal.

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Weave Training Camp

Weave Academy has been given a new name! Check out Weave Training Camp to get more comfortable using Weave by completing your certifications.

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A New Look for WeaveHelp

Access information on the features you’re looking for quickly using the topics buttons on the home page. You can also reach other training resources and see the most recent What’s New pages as soon as you hop into WeaveHelp.

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Softdent Integration for Weave Insurance Verification

Softdent customers can now take advantage of the full functionality of Weave Insurance Verification including automated verification, patient information data exchange and data writebacks.

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Confirmation Writebacks for AdvancedMD

Weave is deepening its integration with AdvancedMD and now includes confirmation status writebacks. Weave Plus customers are just one step away from using the new function. Learn how to turn it on at the link below.

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