Customer Referral Program, Digital Forms Bulk Archive, and More - What’s New August 2022


Customer Referral Program

Refer businesses and earn rewards! The Weave referral program awards you gift cards for every referral that completes a demo or signs up for Weave.

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Phone Analytics for Unify Customers

Phone Reporting Analytics provides office administrators visibility into their day-to-day operations. With it, they gain insight into important metrics like when calls are most likely to be missed, what locations miss more calls, and how much time team members spend on the phone.

Administrators can even check call records for all child locations in a single place. All so you can now make informed business decisions that drive growth!

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Bulk Archive in Digital Forms

Clean up old submissions in your Digital Forms Dashboard with the new Bulk Archive feature for a neater experience.

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Improved Picture Messaging

The requirement to ask for consent before an office sends an image has been removed for a faster way to send picture messages. Instead, your users will see a reminder about the risks of sending protected health information via text.

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