Make sure your phone calls are being answered by using analytics to understand when calls are most likely to be missed, what locations tend to miss more calls, and how much time your team members are spending on the phone.

You must have the user role of Admin to access this feature. See your role.


To access phone analytics: 

  1. Sign into the Weave Portal
  2. Select Analytics.svg Analytics from the left navigation menu
  3. Use the buttons in the top right corner to choose either the Table or Charts view

Each view contains different information:

Table View Charts View

Here you can see the following information for each call to your office:

  • Caller number: phone number of the calling party
  • Called number: phone number of the called party
  • Office User: the user at the location who picked up or dialed the number. The office needs to link their desk phone through the Weave Desktop App sign-in page
  • Call Type: Whether the call is outgoing or incoming
  • Source type: Identifies the caller as a "Current Patient" or "Unknown" in the management system
  • Date & time of the call: When the call was initiated in the local timezone of the location
  • Location Name
  • Patient ID: The value from the location's management software. Weave may attach a prefix to the ID (ex. 1_19260)
  • Patient Name
  • Result: whether an incoming call was:
    • Answered
    • Missed (Incoming call went to voicemail during office hours)
    • Missed-Closed Hours (after the office hours set in Weave, including lunch breaks)
    • Abandoned (incoming call was disconnected by the caller before being picked up or going to voicemail)
  • Action: last action that was taken in the call. This can include:
    • Answered (inbound & outbound calls)
    • Abandoned (incoming call was disconnected by the caller before being picked up or going to voicemail)
    • Forwarded
    • Voicemail (Result will show missed call)
    • Blank field (If outbound call was abandoned)
  • Duration: total time of the call including ring duration in seconds
  • Call ID number: unique identifier of a call record

Using Filters

At the top of each view, you can use the following dropdown filters to narrow the phone data:

  • Location
  • Time period: yesterday, last 7 days, or last 14 days
  • Specific time period: choose a start and end date

Download CSV Report 

Keep your phone analytics to share by downloading a CSV of the data with the filters you’ve applied.

Note: The timezone of the CSV data will be Greenwich Mean Time when downloaded to your computer.

  1. Click Export CSV
  2. Find the document in your downloaded files
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