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The Insurance Status on each schedule row indicates the current status of that patient's insurance eligibility. The following are the possible values for this status as well as what they mean:

  1. Active: the patient's carrier has legitimized and authenticated their insurance plan & benefits, and you can view the eligibility report by clicking on the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow and clicking View Report
    • If you have a compatible integration, Weave will ask you if you’d like to update the patient’s insurance information in your management system following a successful verification attempt to clean up outdated data
  2. Inactive: the patient's insurance carrier has returned a response that indicates the patient is no longer covered on that particular plan. If the patient indeed does have active coverage, you should proceed with on-the-spot verification by clicking the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow next to the value and clicking Retry
  3. Failed: the attempt to verify insurance for that patient has failed. You can see what the specific issue is by clicking the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow and clicking View Error Details. Most of the failure states you’ll encounter with Weave Insurance Verification are due to a specific payer not-yet being supported with our product. If you’d like to see which payers are supported, please click here.
  4. Investigate: Weave would like you to investigate the attempt to either correct some outdated information or re-issue the request for verification. Sometimes it means that Weave stopped the verification attempt preemptively because some necessary data is missing from the patient’s chart, such as their member ID, their date of birth, or their plan name. It can also mean that an attempt was performed, and we deemed the subsequent failure fixable with a quick investigation to correct outdated information. Clicking on the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow next to this value and clicking View Details will show you what needs to be corrected for the verification attempt to work

If you see another status value, such as Verify, the automatic attempt to verify insurance was not performed. Click the link to be redirected to the on-the-spot verification form. 

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