Access Patient Eligibility Reports for Insurance Verification

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You can only access the eligibility report if the status of verification for the patient is Active.

Access the eligibility report:

Legacy Desktop App Weave App (beta)


  1. Open Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule in the desktop app
  2. Click Active in the schedule row for the patient whose insurance eligibility report you would like to see
  3. Choose to see the eligibility report from the pop-up menu


  1. Open Blue_Patients.svg Patients in the desktop app
  2. Search.svg Search the patient name using the bar at the top of the desktop app or scroll to the name
  3. Click on their profile and scroll down to the insurance section
  4. Click View to open the report

Use the filtering and search functions within the eligibility report to quickly find information. Save a filtered view and have it write back directly back to your practice management system's document center.

Insurance eligibility reports are kept in Weave for 30 days. Once the 30 days have passed, the data will be removed from Weave to protect the security of your practice's data.


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