Create a Medical History Form and Collect Information with Open Dental (v. 18+)

Weave Digital Forms makes it easy for offices with Open Dental to collect medical history information and automatically make updates in their management system.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Medical History Writebacks are not available for multi-location accounts.

Turn on Medial History Writebacks

  1. Open the Digital Forms Dashboard
  2. Click Settings.svg Settings
  3. Make sure writebacks are Authorized and each individual section is set to the preferred setting in the Writebacks section
  4. Select Medical History
  5. Click into each category (Allergies, Medical Conditions, and Medications) and select Sync to populate the field options
  6. Make sure each option that you wish to appear in your forms is TOGGLEGIF.gif toggled on. Options that are toggled off are still synced with Weave Digital Forms but will not appear on your forms

Now you can use the Allergies, Medical Conditions, and Medications Primary Fields to quickly build medical history questions in your forms with auto-populated answer options.

Add Medical History Fields to Your Forms

  1. To add the fields, create or edit a form in the Form Builder
  2. Drag the Allergies, Medical conditions, or Medications fields in the Primary Fields section to your form
  3. Edit the question as you would like
  4. Click Add

    Note: You won’t be able to see the options in the form builder. To see what your patients will see, preview the form.

  5. Select Save

You can now send the form to clients and write back their responses to Open Dental depending on your selected writeback settings.

See Updates in Open Dental

  1. Open the Open Dental system
  2. Select the Patient to open their profile
  3. Check Patient Information to see the updates
  4. Find the completed forms by selecting Images and Medical History
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