Use the Medical History Form for Writebacks in Eaglesoft (v. 18+)

Transfer your patient's medical history information from Digital Forms to Eaglesoft with a data sync from the Medical History Form created by Weave for Eaglesoft customers.

**The only way to write medical condition information back to Eaglesoft is to use the pre-populated Medical History Form.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

All Digital Forms customers with Eaglesoft will automatically be able to access Medical History writebacks. Make sure writebacks are turned on in the Digital Forms Dashboard settings.

Medical History Writebacks are not available for multi-location accounts.

Send Medical History Form to Patients

Because this form has already been conveniently created by Weave, all you have to do is send the form to your patient for them to fill out and submit.

  1. Open the patient profile by searching in Patients
  2. Click the Forms_Elements.svg Forms icon 

    Tip: You can also go to the message thread with the patient and click on the Forms_Elements.svg Forms icon at the bottom of the page.

  3. From the Form or Packet Name Carrot_Down.svg dropdown, select Medical History - Form

    Tip: You can also add the Medical History Form to a packet to be sent with other forms. Because the Medical History Form cannot be edited, you may want to include an additional form with any other information that needs to be updated by the patient. See here for fields you can add to an additional form that will write back to Eaglesoft.

  4. Select the method of delivery (text or email)
  5. Click Send 

From here the patient will fill out the form with their medical history. 

As soon as they submit, you will see the form appear in the Digital Forms Dashboard with their name. Click into the form and scroll to the bottom to see the writeback status.

Synced next to the User.svg Patient icon shows that a patient's medical history is updated in the patient record in Eaglesoft. 

See the Automatic Updates in Eaglesoft

  1. In Eaglesoft, select the user that submitted the form
  2. Select SmartDoc 
  3. Click the uploaded PDF in the left hand menu to download or see the filled-out form 
  4. Go back to the user
  5. Select Med History

Here you'll be able to see the updates and comments from the submitted Medical History form. Any old information is overwritten by the writebacks from the new form. 

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