Moving to Digital Forms from a different forms system? Weave can make the transition easy.

The first digitization upload includes up to 20 forms. Any uploads after the first digitization, or any forms beyond the 20, incur a fee of $20 per form. 

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Begin the process of uploading forms

  1. Head to the Weave Portal
  2. Click Forms_Elements.svg Forms in the left menu
  3. Select Upload Forms from the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown
  4. Find your sample form files on your computer and make sure the text in the sample forms can be copied and pasted
  5. Drag the PDF, DOCX, or Google Doc files from your computer onto the page or click to upload
  6. Make sure you add all sample forms you would like to be digitized in Digital Forms

    Tip: Select the Trash.svg Delete icon to remove forms from your upload list

  7. Select Start Digitization

If you need to convert your files to a PDF, you can use programs housed on your computer. Learn more:



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified once my forms are uploaded?

You will receive several notifications throughout the upload process:

  • After uploading a file showing whether it was successful or not
  • After submitting the uploaded forms 
  • Once the forms have been digitized, you’ll receive an email including links to training information

What if the forms don’t look how I wanted? What if they are wrong?

Weave Form Builders will digitize the form fields into the Weave Forms format. If you would like to make changes to the forms once they are digitized, the forms training will show you how to easily make edits.

How do I let Weave know which forms go into which packet?

Weave Form Builders will digitize each form individually. Once the forms are digitized, you can add them to as many packets as you would like. The forms training will show you how easy it is to create packets.

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