Set Up and Use Buy Now, Pay-over-time Through Sunbit

Weave has partnered with Sunbit to help you drive more business by letting customers pay for care or services over time with Buy Now, Pay-over-time financing options.

This feature is only available to U.S. customers.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Watch a summary of the onboarding process and learn what information you'll need to provide to Sunbit to start offering Buy Now, Pay-over-time to your customers.

Set Up Your Sunbit Account 

  1. Login to the Weave Portal
  2. Click Pay.svg Payments in the left menu 
  3. Select Buy Now, Pay-over-time from the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown
  4. Choose your industry from the dropdown
  5. Click Activate Sunbit 
  6. Fill out the Sunbit onboarding information completely

Once your account is set up, you can start offering Buy Now, Pay-over-time to your customers.

Send a Buy Now, Pay-over-time Request via Text

Legacy Desktop App Weave App (beta)
  1. Select Blue_Payments.svg Payments in the desktop app
  2. Find the name of the customer you would like to send the request to by scrolling or using the search bar
  3. Click on the customer and enter the amount you would like to charge
  4. Select Buy Now, Pay-over-time 
  5. If desired, change the customer's mobile number for the request
  6. Select Preview Request Message
  7. Click Send once everything looks correct

    Tip: Double-check the name, requested amount, and phone number before you send.

  8. Select Got It to go back to the customer list within Payments

Note: Some phone providers break templates over 160 characters into multiple messages. This can cause hyperlinks to break, so if the link is not received, try shortening the template or sending the hyperlink in an additional message to your clients.

Change the Buy Now, Pay-over-time Message Template

Personalize the message sent with Buy Now, Pay-over-time links to your customers.

  1. Start the process of sending a new request until you are previewing the message
  2. Select the Template.svg Template icon at the bottom of the page 
  3. Click Edit to change the template of choice
  4. Select Save when you are finished 

Send a Buy Now, Pay-over-time Request via Email

  1. In order to send a request via email, start the process of sending a new Buy Now, Pay-over-time request until you are previewing the message
  2. Select Copy to Clipboard
  3. Paste the link into an email to your customer 

Sunbit Support 

Once you have added Buy Now, Pay-over-time to your Weave Bundle, Sunbit will provide onboarding training, and support to make sure you're successful. Contact Sunbit at:





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