Fax Directory and More - June 2022


Fax Directory

Faxing just got a whole lot faster! The ability to save and manage fax contacts was the #2 most customer requested feature, and now you can do just that within the desktop app. Edit recipient lists from a simple menu to send one fax to multiple recipients without having to punch in all the numbers by adding contacts to the fax directory.

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Short URL for Voicemail SMS Notifications

When notified of a new voicemail via text, you’ll see a much shorter URL in the message for a better experience. Gone are the days of long URL links that take up an entire screen, URLs are now short and simple, while still taking you directly to the voicemails customers leave for a quick response.

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Edit Device Names More Easily

When editing the settings for your devices, you no longer have to click into each individual device to edit or change the device name.  Simply look at your list of devices, click one the name you want to change, click edit and then Save.  This change allows you to make changes in one location, saving extra steps and giving you visibility to all your updated device names on one page to ensure you have everything labeled correctly.

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Dynamic Time Zone Field for Auto Reminders

If you have clients located in a different timezone than your office, you can now avoid confusion with appointment times by using the Time + Timezone field when creating auto reminders.

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Multi-Office User Management Updates 

When adding or managing users, accounts with multiple locations can now choose to include a user on every location with one button. Plus, a new search feature allows easier access to add users to individual locations quickly.

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Form Filling Improvements

Updates in Digital Forms make it easier for patients to fill out your forms, reducing their frustration and saving time for them and your office staff:

  1. In Kiosk Mode, Verify Identity forms for existing patients no longer require street address, which will reduce incorrect patient record match failures.
  2. All date fields now have a calendar selector tool, so patients enter dates in a standardized format
  3. Patients no longer have to enter the same information again and again when filling out multiple forms. Now all information entered into Primary Fields carries over to any other forms or packets filled out in the same session.
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