Digital Forms Writeback Settings

Manually Retry a Writeback Sync

If a form fails to write back to your management system, it may need to be manually synced.

  1. Click into the submission detail page in the Failed Sync folder
  2. Scroll to the bottom, make sure the writebacks are toggled on, and click Retry Sync

Turn on Manual Writeback Controls

If you'd like to have more control over what, when, and how information writes back to your management system from submitted forms, you can manage them in the Digital Forms Dashboard.

  1. Select Settings.svg Settings from the left menu
  2. Click Writebacks 
  3. From here use the Carrot_Down.svg dropdowns to choose writebacks to sync automatically, manually, or not at all for:
    • New Patient Creation: Allows Weave to create new patient profiles in your management system if it does not recognize the name submitted with the form
    • Patient Record Updates: Allows Weave to update the patient record in your management system from the information on a form
    • PDF Document Writebacks: Allows Weave to upload a PDF of each form into your mangement system's document library

Changes save automatically.

Writeback Options

  • None: No writeback will occur
  • Automatic: Writebacks will happen automatically as soon as a submission is received. If an automatic writeback fails, you can still retry the writeback.
  • Manual: Writebacks are set up to happen, but you will have the opportunity to review the information before Weave Digital Forms updates the data in your practice management system.

Approve Manual Writebacks

If you've chosen to have some information write back manually, you'll need to approve submitted forms before the information syncs to your management system.

  1. Click Reports.svg Form Activities
  2. Select any form with Needs Approval below the patient name and form type
  3. Check the submission to make sure the information is correct
  4. Scroll down to the Writebacks section 
  5. Manually toggle the info you would like to writeback for:
    • User.svg Create Patient 
    • Update Patient
    • Upload Document
  6. Press Sync All
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