Assign Your Greeting to a Voicemail Box (and Make Other Customizations)

After you've recorded or uploaded your voicemail greeting, the next step is to assign the greeting to the correct voicemail box so customers get the right message at the right time.

Tip: If you would like to assign a voicemail greeting to a phone tree, click here. If you have mainline and departments, learn how to assign your voicemail greeting here.

Assign Your Greeting to a Voicemail Box

You must have the user role of Super Admin to access this feature. See your role.

  1. Log into the Weave Portal
  2. Select Phone.svg Phone from the left navigation menu
  3. Select Voicemail Boxes
    • If you have the Main Line or Departments options in the Phone section, you must assign Voicemail greetings in your call routing there.
  4. Select the box you want to assign a greeting
  5. Click Add Greeting to your voicemail box
  6. Select the greeting you wish to use for that mailbox from the popup
    • You can choose from the Media Library or Upload New
  7. Click Use Selected File
  8. Click the dropdown arrow under Schedule Greeting and select a time

    Note: Make sure that your general voicemail box is assigned both an Open and Closed greeting. If your office also closes for lunch or a break then you should also assign a voicemail recording to those as well. Your Office Hours settings in Weave will control when these messages are played.

  9. If you need to assign another greeting, click Add Greeting and repeat steps 6-8
  10. Once you have added and assigned all of your desired voicemail greetings, click Save Changes

Remove a voicemail greeting by clicking the X at the far right.

Optional Voicemail Box Customizations

You can make several customizations through the Weave Portal by clicking Phone and then Voicemail Boxes in the left navigation. Select a specific Voicemail Box to change these fields:

  • Voicemail Box Name
  • Decide if you want to share this voicemail box with all your Weave users
  • Extension number (allows your customers to quickly leave messages) - limited from 9000 to 9099
  • PIN to access your voicemails within your desk phone or mobile app (If you prefer to not have a PIN, you can delete the current one)
  • Toggle to play the voicemail message date on or off as desired
  • Decide if you want to receive an email and/or sms notification when you receive a new voicemail message. If toggled on, add the email and/or SMS number that will receive the notifications

Tip: Email notifications are a great way to transfer a voicemail to someone else to manage. SMS notifications are great to use for a personal voicemail box if you want to listen to messages when you are away from the office. Go to Listening to Voicemail Messages to learn more.

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