Weave Academy Certifications

The best way to jumpstart your Weave knowledge is by completing the hands-on training available through Weave Academy. Try the self-paced courses that can be completed in 15 minutes or less!

No matter your position in the office, you can start a certification course based on your designated role in Weave. By certifying at least one admin, you can increase confidence and know-how for your team. Plus, this certification can be added to LinkedIn for personal recognition!

Note: In Academy, we make sure to cover each office's needs by including the option to tailor your experience to your Weave bundle. If you can't remember which one to choose, start by identifying your product bundle.

Weave Core Weave Plus

View these courses to get started:

  1. Weave Core for Admins
  2. Weave Core Essentials for Team Members
  3. Weave Core Software Only Certification (for offices without Weave phones)
  4. Access All Weave Core Courses

The information covered the Team Members certification is also covered for Admins, so no need to take both.


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