Weave Insurance Verification Writebacks to Your Management System

If you have an integrated practice management system, the patient's information automatically fills in as many of these text fields you see in the on-the-spot verification form. If you choose to write back the insurance information to your system upon successful verification after an approximate 15 minute period when Weave performs a full sync with your system. 

Keep in mind that Weave will only write back the information necessary for verification. Weave will not write back the actual eligibility information to certain areas in the management system. The eligibility report can be written back to the document center for OpenDental, Eaglesoft, and Dentrix (see below). The insurance information writeback post-verification is only available for Eaglesoft and OpenDental. 

To see more information about writebacks and how weave integrates with management systems, check out this article

See Writeback Log History

See the changes that have been made to your practice management system by Weave Insurance Verification at any time. 

  1. Login to the Weave Portal

    Note: You can also begin by selecting View Writeback Log in the patient profile.

  2. Select Insurance from the left-side menu
  3. Click on the log you would like to see based on the date of the writeback

The logs show what information was changed and who made the changes.

You will be able to also see the previous data that were overwritten should you need to restore a previous state in your PMS.

Access a Patient's Insurance Eligibility Report

You can only access the eligibility report if the status of verification for the patient is Active.

Access the eligibility report:

Through Schedule:

  1. Open Schedule_Invert.svg Schedule in the desktop app
  2. Click Active in the schedule row for the patient whose insurance eligibility report you would like to see
  3. Choose to see the eligibility report from the pop-up menu

Through Patients:

  1. Search.svg Search the patient name using the bar at the top of the desktop app or scroll to the name in Patients
  2. Click into their profile and scroll down to the insurance section
  3. Click View to open the report

We know that verifying insurance is only half the battle. To make the data you get back from payors easy to consume, we’ve created filtering and search capabilities functional within each eligibility report.

Weave is the first in the space to allow this kind of custom control over an insurance eligibility report. You can also save a filtered view and have it write directly back to your practice management system’s document center.*

These insurance eligibility reports are kept in Weave for 30 days. Once the 30 days have passed, the data will be removed from Weave to protect the security of your practice’s data. 

*Currently, Weave writes back specific insurance details, such as member ID, dependency status, etc., to the patient chart for integrated practice management systems Eaglesoft and OpenDental. The eligibility report writebacks work with Eaglesoft, OpenDental, and Dentrix. We have plans to add more integration functionality in the future.

**If the Verify functionality does not appear in your Weave App, log out and shut down the application. Then open the application and log in.

See an example of an eligibility report 


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