Once you have created your digital forms and packets you are ready to start sending them out to your customers.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Note: Depending on your practice management software, you can also add forms and packets to your auto-appointment reminders. Click here to learn more.

Video Overview

You can send a form or packet in these ways:

  1. Messages (legacy desktop app)
  2. Patients (legacy desktop app)
  3. Forms (See separate article for instructions)
  4. Auto Reminders (See separate article for instructions)
  5. Weave App (beta)

See how patients interact with each type of link:

Public Form Link Unique Patient Link

You can add a public form link to your website or send it to a patient who may not yet be in your system through text, email, social media message, etc. Customers who fill out a form through a Public Link will have to verify their identity through the pre-admission registration form before they can move on to your form or packet. Forms sent through Messages, Patients, or Auto Reminders will not include the pre-admission registration form.

Note: Forms that are not filled out will expire 1 hour after the scheduled appointment time. If a form is not associated with a scheduled appointment, it will expire 15 days after being sent.

Send a Form or Packet

Messages PatientsPublic LinkDigital Forms Dashboard

Send from Messages

Sending a form from Messages allows Digital Forms to autofill the patient's name.

  1. In the desktop app, select Blue_Messages.svg Messages
  2. Search for the Patient or Customer Name
  3. Click on the desired contact

    Tip: Click the message icon Message.svg next to the patient name to choose the desired number to text

  4. Click on the Forms_Elements.svg Forms icon in the conversation window
  5. Use the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow to select a form or packet
  6. Select the method of delivery (text or email)
  7. Click to Send
  8. Edit the message in the text box as needed
  9. Click Send

Note: You can only see the Forms icon with customers saved as a contact. You must copy and paste the link into messages with customers not saved as a contact.

Sending Forms to Dependents within a Family

You may want to send a form to be filled out for a child's or dependent's appointment. To do that, follow the instructions above under the Sending from Patients/Customers tab, and choose the family member who the form needs to be filled out for. 

When the form is sent by selecting the correct patient, the message will let the guardian know the form needs to be filled out on behalf of the dependent.

When the form is opened by the guardian, the name of the dependent will appear at the top of the form with the tag Dependent to help avoid any confusion.

Digital Forms Notification

If you have Digital Forms notifications turned on in the desktop app, you'll receive a notification every time a patient submits a form or packet. 

Select View to:

  • Mark the form submission as read by clicking on the submission
  • See form details in the Digital Forms Dashboard by clicking the More.svg More icon and selecting Forms_Elements.svg See Form Details 
  • Mark as unread by clicking the  More.svg More icon and selecting Mark_Unread.svg Mark as Unread

Or select Ignore to remove the pop-up notification

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