Send a Form or Packet

Once you have created your digital forms and packets you are ready to start sending them out to your customers.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. Click here to learn about getting Digital Forms for your office. 

Note: Depending on your practice management software, you can also add forms and packets to your auto appointment reminders. Click here to learn more.

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You can send a form or packet from your Weave Desktop Software in the following ways:

  1. Messages
  2. Patients

Select the appropriate tab below for instructions.

Tip: If a form needs to be filled out for a child sharing the same contact info as their guardian, go to the child's patient profile and click on the Forms_Elements.svg Forms icon to send the packet or form. This ensures their information does not get mixed up with their parent's information when written back to your management system.

Messages Patients

Send from Messages

  1. In your Weave Desktop Software select Message_Invert.svg Messages
  2. Search for the Patient or Customer Name
  3. Click on desired contact
  4. Click on the Forms_Elements.svg Forms icon in the conversation window
  5. Use the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow to select a form or packet
  6. Select the method of delivery (text or email)
  7. Click to Send

Note: You can only see the Forms icon with customers saved as a contact. You must copy and paste the link into messages with customers not saved as a contact.

Sending Forms to Dependents within a Family

You may want to send a form to be filled out for a child's or dependent's appointment. To do that, follow the instructions above for Sending from Patients/Customers, and choose from the family the individual who the form needs to be filled out for. 

When the form is sent, the message will let the guardian know the form needs to be filled out on behalf of the dependent.

When the form is opened by the guardian, the name of the dependent will appear at the top of the form with the tag Dependent to help avoid any confusion.

Digital Forms Notification

If you have Digital Forms notifications turned on in the desktop app, you'll receive a notification every time a patient submits a form or packet. 

Select View to:

  • Mark the form submission as read by clicking on the submission
  • See form details in the Digital Forms Dashboard by clicking the More.svg Ellipses icon and selecting Forms_Elements.svg See Form Details 
  • Mark as unread by clicking the  More.svg Ellipses icon and selecting Mark_Unread.svg Mark as Unread

Or select Ignore to remove the pop-up notification

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