In Digital Forms, Kiosk Mode gives your office the flexibility and convenience to efficiently collect patient information when they’re in the waiting room by scanning a QR code that brings up your forms. on the office tablet or the patient's own device. 

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

  1. Navigate to Forms_Kiosk.svg Kiosk Mode in the Digital Forms Dashboard
  2. Choose a check-in option
    1. If you choose I'll Check-In The Patient, you'll fill out the appointment information. Continue to the next step.
    2. If you choose Patient Will Self Check-In, skip to Step 7
  3. After selecting I’ll Check-In The Patient, click the appointment date on the calendar and select Next
  4. Check the box next to the patient’s name and select Next
  5. Check the box next to the form or packet the patient needs to fill out and select Next
  6. Drag your file to the box or Click to Upload within Attach Documents and select Next or click Skip if no document is needed. If you do decide to attach a PDF, use the toggle to choose whether the patient needs to sign off on the document
  7. Scan the QR code on the office tablet or the patient's device or select Launch Kiosk Mode to continue the process on the current device. 
    • A QR code is a type of barcode that can be read easily by a mobile device and is often used to access a website, survey, PDF, or other digital material. On most phones, OR codes can be scanned in the camera app. Click Download below the QR code to save the QR code so you don't have to open the Digital Forms Dashboard to open Kiosk Mode

    Note: If you select Launch Kiosk Mode, you will be logged out of Weave so clients can fill out the form.

Patients that self-check-in (including all new patients) will fill out a Verify Identity page, which includes:

    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • Date of Birth
    • Full Home Address 
    • Mobile Phone

Once the client is complete, the form will appear in the Dashboard.

Note: If a form in kiosk mode sits idle for more than 15 minutes, the page will time out, and you'll have to start the process again.

Customize Kiosk Form Display for Patients

Within Kiosk Mode in the Digital Forms Dashboard, you can change how your forms and packets appear during the Patient Self Check-In flow. Pin frequently-used forms to the top, hide irrelevant ones, and apply filters to display only essential forms/packets to patients.

  1. While on the QR Code page within the Patient Self Check-In flow, click Customize Kiosk Forms in the top right corner
  2. Select the Packets or Forms tab at the top 
  3. Use the Sort by dropdown to choose which order the forms/packets should appear for patients
  4. Click the More.svg More icon next to a form/packet to Pin To The Top or Hide This From the Forms List

    Note: Eaglesoft Medical History forms are pinned by default. You can change this by selecting the More.svg More icon and Remove from Pinned

  5. Click Save when you are finished 
  6. Select Confirm

Hidden forms/packets will not appear for patients in Kiosk mode when selecting which to fill out, but will appear at the bottom of the list in the Customize Kiosk Forms page in the Digital Forms Dashboard. You can use the More.svg More icon to show the form or packet again.

Attach PDFs FAQ

How does a patient sign a PDF attached to a form?

If a patient needs to sign on any attached PDFs, when the step appears in the form, have them tap on the document and select Add Signature once the document has been reviewed. They can move the signature around and change the size to make sure it aligns with the signature line and select I'm Done when finished.

How can I access the signed PDF after it is submitted.

The PDF will appear in the Digital Forms Dashboard as an attachment within the submission. 

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