Update Insurance Information in Your Management System for Weave Insurance Verification

Some practice management systems* integrate with Weave Insurance Verification to write back insurance information manually added in the desktop app. After successful verification, those with Eaglesoft and OpenDental can prompt Weave to perform a writeback to correct any information in the system database. 

In order for writebacks to function, you must already have an insurance plan created in your management system with data on the insurance company, group, and employer.


Create insurance companies Create insurance groups or employers
  1. Choose Lists in the top bar
  2. Select Insurance Companies
  3. Click New at the bottom of the pop-up window 
  4. Fill out the insurance plan information 
  5. Select OK


Create insurance companies Create insurance employers
  1. Choose Lists in the top bar
  2. Select Insurance Carriers 
  3. Fill out the information
  4. Click OK

The information added manually to the practice management system will be pulled in Weave Insurance Verification on the syncing schedule of the integration.

*Currently, integrated practice management systems include Eaglesoft and OpenDental for writing back specific insurance details back to the patient chart, such as the member ID, dependency status, etc. The eligibility report writebacks work with Eaglesoft, OpenDental and Dentrix. We have plans to add more integration functionality in the future.

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