Optimize Your Practice Management System for Weave Insurance Verification

If you have a compatible practice management integration with Weave, Weave will sync patient and schedule information. Insurance Verification takes advantage of this syncing capability to automatically pre-fill as many fields as possible on the on-the-spot form. However, there are several advantages if you have a compatible integration. 

Note: Allow up to 15 minutes for Weave to sync changes to insurance information to your practice management system. You may need to log out and back into Weave for the changes to take effect.

Optimizing Your Management System Data for On-the-Spot Verification

The more accurate the insurance data on a patient's chart, the more likely Weave Insurance Verification is to save you time. Here are a few tips on ensuring that you run into as few hiccups as possible: 

  • Ensure employer insurance plans are updated in your management system, including: 
    • The accurate insurance payer ID. See here for a list of payer IDs to add. Make sure that the payer ID in your management system for a particular payer is either shown in the Payer ID column on the left or one of the ALT IDs on the right. This ensures Weave can look up the right payer per patient when you submit a verification request. 
  • Ensure You have accurate demographic information for the patient in question 
    • If you have outdated information such as an incorrect last name or date of birth, message the patient from Weave to get the updated information
  • Enter the primary subscriber's information on the on-the-spot form if you're verifying eligibility for a dependent 
    • Additional fields will appear on the form if you select the patient as a dependent of a primary subscriber. If you're integrated with Weave, you'll see the option to select one of the patient's family members to auto-fill the primary subscriber's information (assuming the primary subscriber is a family member). Check the information is accurate in both your management system and Weave.

Insurance Information Writebacks & Document Uploads

Integration functionality offers two separate features with Insurance Verification: document center uploads and insurance information writebacks. The term “writeback”  means that Weave is “writing” information “back” into your practice management system. 

Document Center Uploads

If you have Dentrix (G7+) or OpenDental, you will see an option on the eligibility report to Save to [Your Management System] next to the Print button in the top right corner. This will allow the eligibility report to upload directly to the PMS document store, attributable to the patient in question. This saves you and your staff time when needing to recall certain eligibility information. The file will upload in PDF format, and you’ll be able to choose whether or not to keep the filters that you’ve applied to the report for the upload. 

Note: In the rare event that the upload doesn’t work, save the document to your workstation’s desktop so you can easily drag and drop the PDF (with or without the filters) into the document store of your PMS. There will be a pop-up notifying you of the steps to take if things don’t work out as planned.

Insurance Information Writebacks

If you have OpenDental, you will have the option for Weave to write information back to the patient chart for you to keep your systems free from outdated information. You will have this option available to you after a successful verification via the on-the-spot form. The following are the fields that will write back to the PMS:

  • Insurance Plan ID
  • Member ID
  • Company/Employer Name
  • Group Name
  • Relationship to Primary Subscriber

Please note that you will need to ensure that an insurance plan already exists in your PMS for the writebacks to work as intended. Learn how to create insurance companies and employers:

Open Dental

  1. Choose Lists in the top bar
  2. Select Insurance Carriers 
  3. Fill out the information
  4. Click OK
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