Schedule Send an Email Marketing Campaign

Schedule Send offers the freedom to compose email campaigns and then conveniently send them at the right time for your customers when you can't be there to click the send button. Schedule Send is managed in conjunction with your email campaigns and counts toward your sent campaigns number.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Schedule an Email

    1. Create an email campaign. For more information, see Create an Email Campaign.
    2. At the end of the email campaign window, click the Carrotdropdown in the Send Email button
    3. Select Schedule Send
    4. Choose from the suggested times or Custom date and time
    5. If you select Custom date and time, choose or enter the date and time in the appropriate fields
    6. Click Schedule

Tip: If this is a new campaign, you have the option to save it as a template for later use.

Viewing Scheduled Campaigns

You can view your scheduled campaigns in the Scheduled tab when Campaigns is selected under Marketing in the side menu. You can also see your campaign usage at a glance. 



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