Verify Dental Insurance Information

Cut the complication and save time with Weave Insurance Verification. All the correct information appears quickly and efficiently within the desktop app, so you can spend more time taking care of patients for greater customer satisfaction, higher recommended treatment plan acceptance, and additional referrals.

This feature is currently in beta. Sign up for Weave Insurance Verification Beta for your office.

Learn more about how insurance verification works:

How to Access Weave Insurance Verification

If you've successfully signed up for the Insurance Verification product, you'll be able to access the product in two locations with the desktop app: Patients and Schedule

Patients_Invert.svg Patients

Click on Patients in the desktop app to view your patient list. Select one of those patients to reveal a new action button titled “Verify”. Clicking on this button will direct you to the on-the-spot insurance verification form where you may enter their insurance information to proceed to verification. You may also access Weave Insurance Verification from the “Insurance” section of the patient profile. You’ll be able to enter the on-the-spot verification flow and view the patient’s eligibility report from this view.

Schedule_Invert.svg Schedule

After clicking on Schedule in the desktop app, you’ll see an “Insurance Status” subheader that will tell you the status of verification for each patient. Please see below what each of these possible values means. Weave will attempt to verify insurance for as many patients on your schedule as possible. You may click the link on that schedule row to be directed to the verification form as well.

Automatic Verification

Weave will attempt to verify insurance automatically for every patient on the schedule approximately 24 hours before their scheduled appointment time as long as Weave is able to sync their insurance information from their patient chart in your practice management system.

Verification Status

You will be able to see the verification status of each patient on the schedule app below their name. There are 5 possible values for this status: 

  1. Active: the patient's carrier has legitimized and authenticated their insurance plan, and you can view the report by clicking on the word "Active," then "View."
  2. Inactive: the patient's insurance carrier has returned a response that indicates the patient is no longer covered on that particular plan. If the patient has active coverage, you should proceed. with on-the-spot verification to update the patient's data in your management system via writebacks
  3. Error: the attempt to verify insurance for that patient has failed. You can see what the issue is by clicking on the word "Error." Keep in mind that a vast majority of errors are due to a payer not being supported. 
  4. Incomplete: Weave stopped the verification attempt preemptively because some necessary data is missing from the patient record because it was unable to sync from your management system. Clicking on the word will show which fields need to be entered. Proceed with on-the-spot verification to ensure the correct information is updated in your management system.
  5. Verify (Beta): the verification attempt has not been performed. Proceed with verification by clicking "Verify (Beta)" on the schedule row and continue to fill out the form.

If Weave in unable to proactively sync the patient information, you will need to proceed with on-the-spot insurance verification.

On-the-spot Verification

1. Open the Weave Desktop App

2. Use the Search.svg Search Bar to find the patient whose insurance needs verification

3. Click on the patient's profile

4. Select Verify

Tip: You can also select Verify on the schedule page below the patient’s name.

5. Fill out the insurance information including:

  • Insurance Plan
    • This can be searched by employer, group number, or the insurance company 
    • Selecting the insurance plan is necessary for Verify to write information back to your management system database
  • Insurance Payer
    • See Weave Insurance Verification Writebacks to Your Management System for a list of supported insurance payers on the Verify network
  • Insurance Group Number
  • Patient First Name
  • Patient Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • NPI Selector
  • Tax ID

6. Click Verify

Once Weave verifies patient insurance, you will be able to view a full report of their insurance information including benefits, patient procedure/claim history, maximums, deductibles, remaining coverage per calendar year, and other useful data.

Issues during Verification

If an error occurs during on-the-spot verification, you will be notified after clicking “Verify”.

Usually, errors are related to missing or incorrect data used for verification. If the error says that a payer “isn’t responding” or “can’t communicate right now”, please try again in a few minutes to verify that patient’s insurance. Sometimes payer systems can take a minute to respond to requests for verification, but we’ve had success in trying again after a minute or two.

We are actively monitoring each of the requests sent with Verify to quickly address any issues with connectivity as they come up. We are also actively working with Vyne, our partner with Verify, on making this experience as seamless as possible over the coming months.

Most Commonly Used Supported Insurance Payers 

Weave has partnered with Vyne, a leading tech company in digital claims management and insurance verification. Please note that not all payers are supported at this time, but we are continuing to work with our partners to add more to our network. Here are the most commonly used payers that are supported through Vyne and the eligibility report data they return: 

Payer View prior service history View remaining deductible in summary card Major missing pieces of eligibility report Limitations with procedure codes


No - Available in Details
  • Patient, subscriber, provider, and plan overview details
  • Services not covered
Cigna No Yes   Yes
Delta Dental CA Yes - See Limitations Yes
  • Provider details
Delta Dental GA  Yes - See Limitations Yes   Yes
Delta Dental PA  Yes - See Limitations Yes   Yes
Guardian  Yes - See Coinsurance & Limitations Yes   Yes
Metlife  Yes - See Coinsurance, Deductibles, and Limitations -   Yes
Principal  Yes - See Limitations Yes
  • Provider details
  • Active coverage overview details
United Concordia  Yes - See Limitations & Active Coverage No - Remaining Amounts in Maximums
  • Plan overview details
United Health No Yes
  • Maximums


For a complete list of support insurance payers through Weave Insurance Verification, click here.

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