Verify Dental Insurance Information

Cut the complication of dental insurance verification and save time with Weave Verify. All the correct information appears quickly and efficiently within the desktop app, so you can spend more time taking care of patients for greater customer satisfaction, higher recommended treatment plan acceptance, and additional referrals.

This feature is currently in beta. Sign up for Weave Verify Beta for your office.

1. Open the Weave Desktop App

2. Use the Search Bar to find the patient whose insurance needs verified

Note: If you use an integrated practice management software*, verification occurs automatically the day before a patient’s appointment.

3. Click on the profile

4. Select Verify

Tip: You can also select Verify on the schedule page below the patient’s name.

5. Fill out the insurance information including:

  • Payer
  • Group Number (Optional)
  • Patient Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • NPI Selector
  • Tax ID (Optional)

6. Click Verify

You will be able to view more information on the following page by selecting View below Insurance Report.

After the insurance has been verified, whether manually or automatically, you’ll also be able to view the insurance report next to the patient’s name in your schedule or in their patient profile. These reports are kept in Weave for 30 days.

*Currently, integrated practice management softwares include EagleSoft, Dentrix, and OpenDental.

Please note: If the Verify functionality does not appear in your Weave Application, log out and shut down the application. Then open the application and log in.

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